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What is diarrhea? How does diarrhea pass and what?

Today it is one of the most common problems that doctors encounter. People looking for a solution to this discomfort at home is "diarrhea that comes well" is the answer to the question. You can spend this problem in a short time with foods that are good for diarrhea. If you do not have a long time, you should consult your doctor. Diarrhea caused by food poisoning must also go to the doctor. So how does diarrhea pass and what is good for diarrhea?


  • Water or liquid stools
  • Urgent stool and incontinence
  • Keep asking to go to the bathroom
  • thirst
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever, weakness,
  • Gas and abdominal pain


The most important factor in diarrhea is the elimination of body water loss. It is very important to remove water from the body with defecation. Foods that eat diarrhea are of great importance. Consumption of pork and fiber feed will be useful in regulating the bowel system and reducing diarrhea. Carrots, bananas, peeled apples, rice gruel or rice water, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, yogurt and aran are the main foods in many people's homes and are effective in diarrhea.

Mineral water, soda, a mixture of Turkish coffee and lemon, as well as well-known diarrhea are also among humans. Good methods are also cooking and drinking dark tea, peaches, petals of roses or chestnut leaves.


During persistent diarrhea, spicy and bitter foods, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, dairy products and high fiber foods should be avoided.


Properly balanced electrolytes to maintain body water ratio. This is the most appropriate treatment for all types of diarrhea, even for dysentery. Drinking large amounts of water without electrolyte compensation can lead to electrolyte imbalance, which in very rare cases (water poisoning) is fatal.

1. Regularly eat meals in the form of frequent and small meals. She should not eat very quickly and should not be drunk.

2. Sometimes, especially in children, water loss may be life-threatening and intravenous fluid may be required.

3. Oral rehydration therapy: Used as a salt or sugar solution.

4. Opioids: Opioids and derivatives should not be used for infection-induced diarrhea as they increase the duration of the disease and increase the risk of transformation.

Opioids are the most effective diarrhea drugs. The main mechanism of action is to prevent peristalsis. Loperamide (also known as Imodium) is the most common diarrhea drug.

5. Antibiotics: If the cause of diarrhea is believed to be a bacterium and the person is sick, the use of antibiotics may be required.

6. Nutrition regulation: Celiac patients should avoid wheat products. Patients with spastic colon syndrome may change their diet to reduce the stomach reflex that causes diarrhea.

The use of soluble fibrous foods, the use of soy and rice products instead of dairy products, caution when consuming fruit and vegetables high in fiber (insoluble) fiber, regular and small foods help reduce the symptoms of spastic bowel syndrome.

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