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133 Part III Artegral stop at the ALNOOR light and the Turkish channel

It is considered a series Argerel Resurrection Part V In a series that distinguished Turkish drama and celebrities like Artagarl Shah, she did not know much, but with the onset of a series that surpassed the highest percentage of scenes and the presentation of historical events, the mass attraction was massive, and the details were presented at the top of the innovations, series of Harem Sultan series characterized by presentations of the same historical period, but to some extent almost to some extent different from reality, and caused a lot of waiting for a significant historical work on the dramatic plot of this period characteristic of the history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. It is worth mentioning that this series has won the World Watch in all Arab countries.

We are publishing the live broadcast you want to watch with you Argerell's Resurrection We also watch all the lovers of Turkish drama in today's Arab world to watch the series of Artegal Resurrection, the fifth part in the Arab world that we all expect after the end of the fourth part that ended at the end of last year, and will explain all the ways that immediately follow the events of the new episodes, we publish the Channel Channel list and we have the right to broadcast the series without interference, fragmentation or subscription.

Through our "Arabic Four News"We will look at all the details of the historic Turkish series of historical calamities that have caused the main media perception in the Turkish art world Serial part IV , A series that many audiences around the world are trying to learn about other events that began at the beginning of the first part, which was launched in 2014 under the name of Resurrection Artegrela.

Argerel resurrection time
Argerel resurrection time

Viewers in all Arab and international countries are waiting for a number of events Argerell's Resurrection And the completion of the historic process of the TV show through the Artegril series of resurrection, and we are now reviewing all the details of the show on television channels except sites that have the right to broadcast live the last Turkish series translated into Arabic.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Turkish link TRT to view Artegral resurrection translated into Arabic

Artegral resurrection timing Part V

During the next few lines, we'll show you the dates when the episodes are being broadcast Series of resurrection Argerel In addition to the schedule of the first episode of the new season. After a long period, the first part of the Argerel series will be explored from Wednesday 7th November and the first projection of the series " TRT TRT At 20:00 Turkey, and in the following rows, we'll show data that takes into account time differences from one country to another.

  • The timing of the resurrection of Artegrel in Turkey at 20:00 Turkey (Istanbul).

In this way, we will offer you official dates of performances in all Arab countries with a different timetable. We will clarify the data of repeated episodes, but we will explain it directly after the announcement of Turkish channels or Arabic channels on all satellites. If any new information is available, we will clarify it immediately.

Resurrection Artigrel Parts In Diriliş Ertuğrul
Resurrection Artigrel Parts In Diriliş Ertuğrul

Link to the place of light to display the resurrection Artgrel Part V Translator and Madbalij Arabic

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Noor website has the right to broadcast live events of the new episode of Artegirl's Arabic translation. All world audiences can watch the show after the first show on TRT Turkey and then appear on several other channels, including several channels on Nilesat, and on the other lines will show you the right channels and frequencies.

Link to the light spot to watch the Artegral series resurrected in Arabic

Argerel resurrection instead of light
Argerel resurrection instead of light

The frequency of the Yarmouk channel to display the resurrection of the Artagrill part

FrequencyCoding speed PolarizationError correction coefficient
1167827500 Vertical3/4

Frequency of the Jerusalem Channel Channel from the Argerel Resurrection Series Part V

Coding speed27500
Correction coefficient3/4

A group of transport channels for the resurrection of Artegrela

Satellite nameChannelFrequencyCoding speedPolarization
NilesatCalling frequency channels1072727500Vertical
NilesatChannel frequency Yarmouk1167827500Vertical
NilesatThe Frequency of the Jerusalem Channel
NilesatWatan's channel frequency1101227500Horizontal

The days of the series are on satellite satellites on all satellites:

Many fans of the Artegral Resurrection series look at the data episodes on various satellite channels and their data, in addition to clarifying the first and second reps with different dates in different countries.

  • The new episode will appear on the Al-Da 'channel on Thursday at 8:00 in Cairo and channel frequency on the Nilesat 10727-horizontal.
  • The new episode will be shown on the speaker channel every Friday at 20 Cairo, 9 am KSA, 7 hours in Morocco and Algeria, channel frequency at Nilesatu 11012 – H.
  • The new episode will be featured on the Al Yarmouk channel on Thursday at 20:00 Cairo, Jordan, 9GM, 06:00 GMT, Nilesat 11678 – Vertical Satellite Frequency.

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