ADNOC will conclude a framework agreement with KFUPM

Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Company (ADNOC)
Framework Agreement with King and Fahd University of Peter and Minerals for studying collaborative possibilities
In the field of research and development and activation of educational programs for university students
In ADNOC, allow employees to enroll in study programs
King Fahd University of Oil and Minerals.

The agreement was signed in ADNOC's building
Ahmed Al Jaber, State Minister and Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company "
ADNOC and its Group of Companies and Dr. Sahl bin Nashaat Abdul Jawad, director of the university
King Fahad Oil and Minerals.

The Framework Agreement deals with the study of cooperation between ADNOC and King Fahd University
Oil and minerals in R & D and support for oil extraction and improvement
Processes of field development and increased value of oil and gas processing in the field
Refining and petrochemistry, which will help improve performance and increase returns
Assets and capital in line with ADNOC's integrated growth strategy in 2030
Intelligent to maximize value in all aspects and stages of business.

The agreement will provide employees with ADNOC with a mechanism to enroll in study programs
Petra University and King Fahd minerals in oil and gas
Basic, involvement in training courses to gain valuable experience, improvement and development
Talents and Creations.

His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber said on this occasion: "We are pleased
This agreement is in line with the notion of developing competencies
And we are proud of this cooperation with KFUPM
From oil and minerals, which reflects close fraternal and strategic relationships
Which connects the UAE with Saudi Arabia. "

"ADNOC continues to invest in innovative partnerships capable
Raising R & D capabilities and educational programs for her cadres
Which is the cornerstone of her future success. As agreed in the Convention
Thanks to our strategy of strengthening cooperation with partners with capabilities
And a world-class potential that benefits all parties and contributes to development
Sustainable Mechanism for Implementing the Integrated Intelligent Growth Strategy ADNOC 2030. "

On his side Dr. Sahl bin Nashaat Abdul Jawad said: "King Fahd University is considered
Oil and Minerals is a leading science and technology organization in the region,
Since its inception, it has been focusing on research cooperation in various fields of energy,
It has created a scientific cluster with an international research center specializing in research and development
Oil and gas production, and the university has also set up a strong international partnership
Many leading companies have continued to expand cooperation with companies in the Czech Republic
The Gulf Region and this Framework Convention is one of the practical aspects
For Strategic Partnership between University and ADNOC. "

"The university wants to develop and activate strong technical partnerships with companies
Grand, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in GCC countries
The Gulf Cooperation Council. This agreement between ADNOC and university is an example
A research and education partnership that will benefit both sides
The University is a rich resource with advanced research and technological expertise and benefits from it
It improves the latest technological developments in enterprises for the development of their curriculum and courses
Knowledge of faculty members and researchers as well as the provision of education
And professional development of corporate personnel. "

He stressed that the agreement would strengthen the partnership with ADNOC in various areas
Both parties will develop common strategies in line with both
Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

King Fahd's Peter and Minerals University is a leading educational institution for science
Technology located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Since
Founded in 1963, the rate of enrollment at the university has increased to more than
8,000 students graduate to obtain Bachelor's degrees
Master and doctoral degrees in various fields. The university also has a partnership
With many leading institutions in the Gulf and beyond.

ADNOC seeks to strengthen cooperation with many universities
Good reputation both domestic and global to move forward
Innovate and develop the technologies needed to maximize the value of their operations.

The most important universities with which ADNOC has partnerships include: the universities of Khalifa
Abu Dhabi, Imperial College London, Cambridge UK and the Institute
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University in the United States of America,
And the University of Bergen, Norway.

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