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After five years of stopping … Gwendash returns with his mistress

After a five-year break, Turkish singer Ibero Gondash returned to the new album "Lover" after releasing her latest album in 2014.

This new album, Ashik, is the 15th album of the Gunndash art process, during which he gained great glory and won a wide audience in Turkey and abroad, especially because most of his songs were translated into many foreign languages.

The new album contains 12 songs, in which it cooperates with many Turkish artists and musicians. Among the albums are Yildiz Tilbeh, Sinan Aktasil and Ela Gilk.

Actress Ghondash made some of her video clips of her song "Lover" at an old factory in Picos, Istanbul, where many of the series and clips were also shot.

Ibro Gondash was born in Istanbul. According to previous media reports published by the Turkish media, she has not finished studying because of her family's financial situation.

Her first album was released in 1993 and during that period she achieved great success after which she started a star track and during the last three years of the nineties she won the best award for the Turkish singer Keral's music channel for three consecutive days.

She participated as a member of the jury in several musical and artistic competitions, especially in the Turkish version of the famous program "The Voice".

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