Al-Ghilani crowned the Wathba Challenge Challenge

Abdul Rahman Saeed al-Ghailani, Al Wathba Stables, belonging to His Majesty Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, issued the Wathba Speed ​​Challenge title for 120 km with the participation of 136 knights. , Organized by the United Arab Emirates Village Village, yesterday in a coup in the second race of the new season.

Al-Ghailani won the title from behind, and after a sharp Manderh ride, led by Majid al-Jahuri, recorded 4:16:15, Abdullah Ghanem Al-Marri finished second with Slagger from the F3 stables. , Under the supervision of Khalify Ghanem Al Marri, recorded a time of 4:17:17 and finished third in Issa Radwan Ghilani, on the horse "LM Trimindo", from the stables "Commandos", under the supervision of Harry Senga, record time 4:22:59 Hameed Obeid Al Kaabi, on his way to Ounzo, from Stables MRM, led by Bhavar Sang, recorded a time of 4:25:08 hours.

The winners are crowned

Dr. Ghanim Al Hajeri, Secretary-General of Equestrian and Horse Racing, Adnan Sultan Al Nuaimi, Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Executive Director Lara Sawaya, Executive Director of His Majesty's World Festival Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the International Federation of Racecards Federation President of the International Federation of Women's Race Federations Arab races and Abdul Rahman Al-Rumaithi, Al Wathba's director, was awarded the four-wheel drive winner for the first four.

Stages of the race

During the race, which began at 6:30 am at 27 o'clock, Ghaith Abdul Wahid led the first phase of the 40 km race on "Say Kira" into the M7 containers at 1:24:49, Salem Hamad Al Kutbi went out with Jim Kinnamon from Stage M7 at 1:24:52 and Mansour Saeed Al Farsi with Razor Pak from MRM at 1:25. 01 hours and the fourth Hameed Matar Al Marzouki with the horse «Kazun Taiker» from the stable «M7» at 1: 25: 4 hours.

Mansur Al Farsi managed to reach the top in 2:39:41, Ghaith fell to second place at 2:39:45 and came third after the same time of arrival of Sheikh Hamad bin Dalmuk Al Maktoum on the stables of Racha for the M7 stables at 2:39:58 and Mohammed Juma Al Muhairi at Everest at the Dabawi stables.

The situation did not differ much in the third phase, during which Mansur Al Farsi managed to keep the lead at 3:34:17 and Abdullah Ghanem moved second to Slagger from the F3 stadium,: 36:31 hours and third place Mohammed Ahmed Ghana on horse «Kassel Bar» from «F3» at 3:39:07 pm and fourth Ghanim Said from the same stable on horseback «Tom Jonis» at 3:40: 10 hours.

Heavy race

The Wathba Challenge winner, Abdul Rahman Al Ghailani, was the first in the United Arab Emirates to take part in a number of races that he did not agree with and considered it a great victory and a joyous event in his career. Al Ghailani described the race as difficult, he added that difficulty was first in the hot weather, compared to race and travel, doubled the difficulty, the participation of a large number of powerful horses and knights was distinguished.

Al-Ghilani pointed out that the Persians Menderes had confirmed their strength by winning the race title because they prevailed and stood in hard times and strong competition among competitors.

Al-Wathba coach Majid Al-Jahoori agreed with the race champion and said it was difficult to point out that he had calculated his lack of full horse preparedness because the season is still in his infancy so progress has not been accelerated. From Persian leadership without fatigue and pressure, Rohra predicted that the upcoming races would be stronger.

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