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Annual Meeting of the Government of the United Arab Emirates Government

The world is undergoing radical changes as modern technology grows

Abu Dhabi: Gulf
Neil Jacobson, the future thinker, confirmed that we are now living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the lack of boundaries between the physical, digital and biological world. This took place at a meeting called "Scenarios of the Future" held at the annual meetings of the Government of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.
"The world is now undergoing radical changes at all levels with the growing role of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, self-propelled vehicles, quantum computing, renewable energy and the fifth generation of telecommunication networks," said Jacobson. Artificial intelligence accounts for 48% of global technology spending, followed by the United States by 38%, while Vital from Hong Kong adopts the robot on its board.
These changes are reflected in the nature of companies, people around the world are increasingly connected to the Internet and familiar with modern technologies. It is necessary to change the way of government and keep up with technological changes such as the spatial network and intelligent systems.

Gerard Leonard evaluates the role of artificial intelligence in changing the future

Abu Dhabi: Gulf
The annual meetings of the United Arab Emirates government highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in changing the future in a knowledge session where Gerard Leonard, the future proeker and CEO of the Future Incentives, participated in the selection of government officials at federal and local level.
"Our world will change in the next 20 years at a rate comparable to the pace we have seen over the last 300 years, but the future will be better than we think if we reasonably suggest," Leonard said.
"Intelligent computing and smart grids will revolutionize our company and the nature of the labor market with artificial intelligence applications, algorithms, large data, and advanced devices," he said.

Empowerment is the most important success factor

Abu Dhabi: Gulf
Professor Jean-François Manzoni, Chairman of the International Institute for Management Development (IISD), said successful leaders have a number of special attributes, such as the ability to effectively manage their time and energy, their desire to further develop and learn, On the second day of the annual the United Arab Emirates government, which was launched on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi.
He emphasized that the mission of important leaders is not limited to ordinary activities, but rather to their ability to achieve goals and aspirations and ability to continue with success. Success is more difficult to achieve than success and depends mainly on the ability to adapt to decisive decisions and changes.

Launch of the pilot phase of the intelligent TBC diagnostic system

Abu Dhabi: Gulf
The annual meeting of the United Arab Emirates government witnessed the launch of the pilot phase of the intelligent Tuberculosis Diagnostic System, the most common disease in the world, based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies. The new system contributes to reducing the government spending allocated to healthcare facilities, medical teams and teams.
Minister of Health and Abdul Rahman Al Owais stressed that the UAE is focusing on the challenge of the future and the attractiveness of governments in the future, in line with SAE 2071, strengthening the foundations of a competitive knowledge economy to strengthen the state's position on the world map at the level of healthcare.
"The Government of the United Arab Emirates is interested in introducing artificial intelligence applications in different areas of life, reflecting leadership leadership in adopting future technologies," said Omar Sultan, State Secretary for Artificial Intelligence.

Launch of the Emirates Number and 10×10 challenge to boost global competitiveness

Abu Dhabi: Gulf
The United Arab Emirates government has launched the Emirates Competitiveness Platform, a challenge of 10 x 10 international competitiveness, to increase the global competitiveness of the UAE and increase the efficiency and sustainability of data, map strategies that support the national agenda and achieve sustainable development goals.
At its Annual Meeting, the Competitiveness and Data Team discussed ways to improve the quality of country data and an access management mechanism to improve the performance of government agencies in the country and strengthen government work to serve the country's development process.
Abdullah Lootah, CEO of the Federal Office for Competitiveness and Statistics, stressed the importance of data and its impact on the country's position and leadership in global competitiveness reports, increasing the level of use of data available to government agencies, and improving performance in its competitiveness and sustainable development goals.

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