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Apple says it has eliminated time monitoring and parental control due to privacy issues

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Fatima Ait Taleb – Dubai – Recent reports have highlighted that Apple has systematically removed time control and parental control from the iTunes App Store over the past year. This has led to great problems for developers who have built their work around these applications, and this has led to a lawsuit against the company for unfair approaches. Apple Schiller has now explained why Apple has removed these applications.

In an email response to MacRumors readers, Phill Schiller explained that time tracking applications from third parties have been removed because they have abused the mobile device management system to track all data and activities, especially on children's devices, to provide this information to parents who you downloaded it.

Phil Schiller points out that this is a privacy issue and Apple cannot allow him to continue, and said that Apple does not reject applications that use alternative ways to provide this information to parents without using a mobile management system.


However, there are many people who believe that Apple is doing so to eliminate the competition faced by the "Screen Time" feature launched with iOS 12. These applications were stopped shortly after the arrival of Apple's time screen. However, since Screen Time is built into iOS, Apple does not seem to have the incentive to push Screen Time to third party applications.

"We will continue to provide features such as ScreenTime to help parents manage their children's access to technology, and work with developers to use secure technologies for App Store applications for these purposes," says Phil Schiller. Especially for us and our children. "


This is the story of Apple's news that it has eliminated time tracking and parental control applications due to privacy issues for today.

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