Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Barcelona: Jordi Alba denies a renewed contract with Barcelona


Sport 360 – Barcelona star and captain Lionel Messi stressed that the Catalan team will be fighting on all fronts in the current season and notes that the Camp Nou fans responded to the calls and encouraged their colleagues from bloggers.

Barcelona won the Spanish Royal Cup semi-final on Wednesday with Sevilla winning 6: 0, Catalans managed to defeat the Andalusian side with a 2-0 win.

"My words at the start of the season can be misplaced, we will not give up any competition, we want to win everything," Messi said in a commentary after Barcelona.

"They told us we were not interested in the cup, but today we have shown the opposite. This team wants to fight for the tripartite, and it is the duty in Barcelona, ​​let's fight to the end."

"It was not easy, because it was dangerous, but the punishment that ended with Celecin was crucial, because if they did, the game would be very complicated," he said.

He added: "The public responded to the challenge and came to Camp Nou and played the game as a preclusive hero, which made us very excited."

"I asked him and he had the desire to pay and we agreed," Messi said. "Coutinho wanted to kick the ball and agreed and with his goal everything started."

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