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Because of the "Black Invasion" … Warnings in Israel and 6 Arab Countries (video + images)

A number of countries in the Middle East have recently expanded the unique type of insects that led to a wave of panic and fear among its inhabitants as it became a manifestation of the entire region.

The whole thing started in early April, when the insects began attacking Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia

Images and videos taken in the Kingdom showed that the insects also spread in the mosques of Mecca and Madinah and were sprayed and used as insecticides. More workers have been called to address this problem.


Flooding, torrential rains and rising river levels in several Iraqi provinces have caused repeated attacks on insects, snakes, rodents and some wild animals in a number of residential areas after water has swept many orchards and fields.

Most of the breakaway provinces, such as Diyala, Tikrit, Samara and Fallujah, saw floods and floods that destroyed large areas, according to the inhabitants of Kubba on the banks of the River Diyala, insects, snakes, scorpions and rodents were driving through houses to escape the water that flooded the orchards .


Director of Damascus agriculture and its landscapes Ali Saadat, the cause of the emergence and spread of insects, "black beetle" (Kalosoma) in the last days of Damascus and its landscapes, emphasizing that this insect is useful.

According to the agency "SANA" Saadat Okla, that insect, "black beetle" appeared in the last days in the areas of Damascus and its landscape due to heavy rain and the width of vegetation.

Saadat explained that the insect is very short and ranges from 22 to 26 days and is attracted to night lighting.

The "Kalaosoma" insect, popularly called the "Black Beetle", has spread significantly in Homs, Hama and various areas of Badia.


According to the newspaper "Al-Masry Al-Youm", it spreads in various neighborhoods and communities of Arish black beetles, where many citizens have complained about their presence in many areas where they live.

Al-Arish Agricultural Research Station has issued a statement confirming that it appears in conjunction with bed and grasshopper migration and scorpion propagation, resulting in their appearance that maintains the balance of nature because bedding and locusts in these large quantities are detrimental to people and crops and everything, especially grasshoppers. Can not tolerate heat or sunlight, and show at the beginning of the evening and prefer a residential area because of the lighting, not just lighting, but to find their prey waiting for lights such as butterflies, grasshoppers and more.

She explained that insecticides do not affect calosoma, but they can be anesthetized and paralyzed for a while, but to no avail, so there is no need to fight them and waste time and money.


Several villages and areas of eastern Lebanon have been attacked since last Saturday by black insects, known as the black beetle, especially in several areas of Bekay.


According to the site "Weather Arabs", was observed in the recent large spread of this insect In large areas of Jordan.


According to local media, the Israeli Ministry of Environment announced on Monday that a large number of black beetles had spread in several cities.

Black Beetle Life

It is a type of beetle bearing the scientific name Calosoma olivieri, and is known in Arab countries as a black beetle or Kalosoma insect, the life of a black beetle is very short and ranges from 22 to 26 days and is attracted to illumination at night, and that is the secret behind Rushing to some areas of the population at night, Black or calosoma is an insect active only at night and feeds on insects and worms harmful to the soil and plants that may represent agrarian pests in the absence of Kalosoma or Black Beetle.

The reason why the black beetle spread unusually this year

The rainfall in the region this year and the extended spring vegetation are the main cause of the unusual spread of black beetle or calcumosa insects, which is usually between herbs and plants in moist soil and exits the surface at high temperatures.

The Benefits of Black Beetle

It is a useful insect that destroys harmful insects in orchards and forests, is harmless to human and plant health, does not need to fight against it, it is good to breed and breed this type of insect to maintain ecological balance and feed on butterfly larvae has been spreading long ago. Which can represent an agricultural pest in the absence of Kalosoma or a black beetle.

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