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Egypt today: Tuesday, April 30th
News Details: Egypt News – Egypt News: Video Sherif Madkour: "I thank our Lord for cancer when he showed me the love of people"

The new media, Sherif Madkour, thanked all of his supporters after he announced he had colon cancer.

"People who love me and fear for me are expected to thank them," Madkour said during an episode of his "Sharif Street" program.

He added, "I'm crushed, and I don't know I'm sick of cancer, I'm in a Btaholi Lord test to say that they love you and thank you, thank God for having suffered from cancer if I knew I knew who loved me so much . "

"I know many people are different, but most of them wrote me to call me to get well. It's amazing and I appreciate it very much. I also thank my kids' friends. they supported me. "

"I'm not sick because I'm sick of cancer, but I feel like I urge my Lord to let him live in it."

In an earlier statement to the "homeland", the media said Sherif Madkour, he had a benign tumor, and may not need to carry out the removal process, pointing out that it will be revealed by tests in the coming period.

He explained that he had been diagnosed with a tumor after he went to the hospital for tests, and pointed out that he had decided to declare his disease directly because "disease is not a problem," which does not have to hide from its audience.

Later, tests have shown that a tumor that has been infected with Sheriff Madkour's malignant type, namely, "colorectal cancer", and a young journalist, calls for urgent recovery.

Madkur has confirmed that he will undergo surgery to remove the tumor on the second or third day of Ramadan.

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