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FilGoal | Laarte News: It's not logical to go after the game every 72 hours

Al-Ahli coach Martin Lassarty has been injured by his players for many games that the club has been participating in in various competitions, which requires further efforts.

"I think we are good at the physical level, but the problem is that we play every 72 hours, which is illogical and causes many injuries," the Uruguayan coach said in an interview published on the African Football Confederation (CA) website.

"Players are coming back to the team and we have to continue working."

Ahly seeks to increase his chances of qualifying to African quarter-African champions of Africa when on Saturday in the third round of the group stage he hosts Simba in Tanzania.

Al Ahli is the top of Group D with four points after defeating the Vita Club and a draw against Al-Saura.

Al-Ahli is missing due to the injuries of Hossam Ashoura, Mohamed Naguib, Ahmed Fathi, Walid Sulaiman, Marwan Mohsen, Walid Azarou, Ramdan Sobhi and Yasir Ibrahim. They may also be absent Hamdi Fathi and Saad Samir.

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