FilGoal | News Italy: United tried to join Venice but preferred to move to Qatar

Manchester United attempted to sign Moroccan international Mehdi Benatia, but Juventus decided to move to Al-Duhail in Qatar.

The Italian football newspaper revealed in an exclusive report that United attempted on Thursday evening Benfica from Juventus, but the player declined.

Juventus did not mind the transfer of the Benáts, but said the players due to his lack of participation in the team, but the 31-year-old preferred the transfer to the Qatari League from the club's portal, according to the Italian report.

Venice already traveled to Qatar as a prelude, which underwent a medical examination before officially signing a relay contract for three seasons, according to Italian football.

The Qatari Club pays Juventus 10 million euros while the player receives an annual salary of 4.5 million euros a year.

The United States' offer to the club was 3.7 million euros a year, which the player refused to choose the Qatar League.

Benito joined Juventus Bayern in 2016 before joining the Italian team.

Benatía played only 6 games this season with Juventus.

Altogether Benatía participated 59 matches with Juventus and managed to achieve 5 goals and won 4 titles with an old lady in the title of the league and two cup titles.

Al-Duhail is second in the 36-point ranking for leader Al Sadd, who has 38 points.

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