Find out why the alarm and vibration are coming to warn of weathering

Director General of the Department for National Crisis Situations and Crisis Situations Jamal Mohammed Al Hosani said in his statement "Emirates Today" that the warning messages that came yesterday to the state residents via their phones about weather fluctuations fall within the national early warning system recently implemented by the Commission.

Al-Husani said that the warning and vibration sounds accompanying the alert messages received by the residents of the state yesterday via their phones are not disturbing to protect them from danger and direct them to the right behavior, pointing out how important it is to respond to No.

State residents were surprised yesterday by news alerts from the phone, weather fluctuations, when the message was automatically displayed on the screen accompanied by loud sound and impact, and directed the public to avoid weather fluctuations and to avoid leaving if not necessary.

Al Hossani said phone messages are automatically plugged into emergency telephones, and they point out that it is important to raise awareness of the guidelines contained in these messages that protect the lives of individuals from any danger.

Citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai received a warning message about their mobile phones from the police, warned of bad weather and urged them to take caution while driving.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said it had completed the first phase of the national early-warning system to activate mobile broadcasting on mobile phones in cooperation with the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) to enable authorities to send a warning to the public.


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