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Ghosn «Samurai moderny» … the story of the heir "heir" to the "producer of glory"

Ghosn «Samurai moderny» … the story of the heir "heir" to the "producer of glory"

He turned from a popular hero to a modern Japanese street

Thursday – 21 months Spring first 1440 H – 29 November 2018 AD Issue number [

Carlos Ghosn, president and current president of Nissan, Heroto Saikawa,

TOKYO: Shawki Al Rayes

It is said that a person who has never worked as a villain will never be crowned as a hero, and once crowned as a hero, he can become a villain at any time. This is the case of Carlosa Ghosn, a triangular trader and the first to take over the current management of three of the world's leading carmakers after saving them from loss and bankruptcy.
Given that Nissan announced Ghosn's appeal from the company's presidency on June 19 after his arrest and imprisonment in tax fraud and embezzlement, and talks about this man on every lip and language in the Japanese capital and barely issues any newspaper or bulletin Without being guided by the circumstances of his arrest and fall. The interview, which was a whisper in the early days after being arrested by a "thrust movement" against him in the Japanese court, described as secret and quiet, has spread to the automotive industry and some of the highest political circles in the capital cities.
Carlos Ghosn, along with Italian Sergio Marconi, the former Chrysler-Fiat Alliance chief who died suddenly earlier this year, is one of the most influential leaders in the history of the global automotive industry since Major Henry Ford. But in Japan, this is a unique case in the history of this country, well-known for its love of tradition, the culture of xenophobia, skepticism, and self-consciousness of what is known as the Japanese miracle. Not only was he a successful businessman, he saved the second car, the bulk of the Japanese economy from bankruptcy, with unprecedented profits, broke the taboo enshrined in Japanese social culture.
For the first time, Japan resorted to "Gaijin," which was wonderful, saving a giant society that had a decade of national pride and an example of perfection and perfection. The appreciation of the Japanese for his achievements and admiration for his strict style, which overcame his love for work to the point of exhaustion, was to be proclaimed a national hero. His drawings are known among the characters of Japanese folk folk tales known as manga.
In less than two years, Ghosn concluded five factories, dismissed tens of thousands of workers, and reassessed English instead of Japanese. The Japanese, in their decision, considered the mastery of the foreign language that lost them. A bit of their original self, it still remained one of the most popular faces. In a remarkable precedent, he met twice with the emperor, who is considered the most sacred in the Japanese tradition. "We have helped change the methodology of our work, which has always been slow to make decisions," said Haroto Saikawa, the current lead company.
But the head of the same company, who gave Ghosn's tribute and even joined his office in Qafn Ghosn with support, was the one who stood before the reporter a few days ago and said: "I'm deeply disappointed, disappointed, despair, testifying, and anger." The man he named last year as his heir, and was known as the first leader around Ghosn, among the leaders of the company.
Seikawa said an internal investigation that had been in the company for several months, in co-operation with the Attorney General's Office, revealed discrepancies allegedly committed by Ghosn, such as concealing a portion of his income from the Tax Directorate, obtaining personal benefits of company-owned dwellings, and employing his sister as a fake consultant One hundred thousand dollars a year.
Seikawa has been swamped by breaking the legend of a man who overshadowed the Japanese automotive industry. While scientists familiar with the Nissan group knew that the two men remained friendly for months, and that their relationship had entered into a period of tensions. Ghosn had announced an ambitious full-fledged Nissan and Renault integration program, which Seikawa strongly objected to, that the merger will be at the expense of Nissan and French companies.
After the shock of the first few days and Ghosn's dismissal as a non-executive decision of the board of directors based on a consensus of seven members, including two French members who participated in the video, the Japanese media began to question the questions and doubts of the international press circulating : Is it a coincidence with this question that Ghosn's decision to join the two companies? How can he hide part of his earnings and compensation from the Tax Directorate, knowing that he is determined by a decision of the board of directors of the company together? Or is there a plan to tap a branch when needed?
"What happened in April was a coup d'etat if we removed Ghosna and canceled its plan to join two companies," says David Bailey, an automotive expert. "When Nissan reached a bankruptcy crash in 1999, it had 15 percent (Renault) but no voting rights within the French company's council, while the latter held 43 percent of the Japanese group, with Nissan more than twice the value of Renault and 50 percent profit and sales Alliance, for which reason the Japanese side considers full integration with the French company a heavy loss and may be deprived of coalition leadership if it continues. "
This is what has prompted the French government, which holds the largest stake in Renault, to wait and appoint a vice president, while Ghosna remains in office and declares that he does not violate French law.
Bob Lutz, former chairman of General Motors, said what had happened to Ghosn's "smell of conspiracy." He was not only a giant in the automotive industry but also in the business world in general, good at globalization, seeing what others did not see, in the business world, an enormous vision and unconventional and provocative honesty. "Many people have bet on the failure of the alliance between these three companies in 1999, including themselves … but Ghosn has been able to match all expectations."


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