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Habits that are disgusting and socially harmful but are healthy

Wind release, spitting and tearing .. harmful social habits, but – according to medical sources – may have more health and psychological benefits, huh?

If some practices seem to us to be disgusting, they may have benefits and of course we can not accept them in public to prevent harm to others around us.

Run the wind
The human body releases gases at least 14 times a day and does so three to four times during sleep.

Because the body produces carbon dioxide and methane after six hours of food, wind release is an effective way to get rid of these gases that can lead to flatulence and some pain associated with it, according to Mind Body Green.

Do not interfere in public places, but during exercise it will regulate breathing.

This is because we resort to breathing our mouths while exerting physical effort, which leads to the production of more saliva that prevents exhalation and exhalation.

Therefore, it is necessary to spit in order to get rid of accumulated saliva, which improves the breathing process. Drink in your napkin and throw it into the trash.

The social label requires you to stay loud at mealtime but is usually not bad at the end. After consuming a large amount of food, the fill can help reduce the amount of air stuck in the stomach.

If it prevents us from going out, it can lead to the stomach getting into the stomach, which can lead to chest pain. In such a case, this suffocation is an effective way to prevent these complications.

Do not shower regularly
Many studies have shown that delaying bathing regularly has some health benefits. Bathing helps remove silicates from the body, skin and hair that keep body moisture and create good bacteria that are responsible for the radiance and elasticity of our skin. As a result, it's no shame if we did not take a regular swim during the week.

Loss of calm nerves
Our loss of tranquility and tranquility of our nerves is not positive, but we have to see things from another point of view where we can turn our anger away and get rid of stress and negative feelings in us.

It should be noted that venting out of anger does not necessarily mean shouting to your partner due to problems at work, but it is not harmful to sit and talk about what happened to you in an angry tone.

Some psychological studies recommend that people who speak of dishonesty and insults are authenticated because they are more sincere than others. A medical study by dr. Richard Stevens of the University of Kelley in the UK said that insults are an effective way to alleviate pain.

The study concluded that people who spoke in connection with insults and insults when placing their hands in cold water were able to tolerate cold more than others in a proportion of 50%.

We have always been punished in school because of our constant turmoil in the classroom. But the turmoil is not so bad, it's a physical activity that can burn about 100 calories a day.

If you have a feeling of unrest all day long without being able to stay for a while, it may be worrying. Notwithstanding this, it includes various health benefits.

Chewing gum is probably a common practice, but it is certain that it will feel bad if you are addicted to it.

Regardless of the social aspect of this practice, research has shown that chewing gum helps to study better, improves our ability to perform tests, increases focus on the tasks assigned to us, increases memory and reduces stress.

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