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Jordan and happiness .. What is organized among Arab countries

Jordanians29/04/2019 10:24

Roundup – Gallup's report on the psychosocial state of 2019 shows that a third of the world's population is living under psychological stress.

In the report, Jordan ranked 90th in the world and 10th in the Arab world as Arab countries and UAE ranked first in the Arab world, and the Arab Center came after Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon.

It has also been shown that more than half of Americans feel stressed while the Republic of Chad in North Africa, where crime rates are high among world countries suffering from psychological pressure, and two countries in Latin America, Paraguay and Panama, the center of the world in positive and quiet environment.

The report pointed out that 55% of Americans suffer from tension and pressure work, while Greece has maintained its position since 2012 as the world's toughest and strongest world, with 59% of the population still suffering from psychological pressure.

While the US economy is at its best, only 45 percent of Americans feel angry and oppressed
And that these psychological cases are increasing every year. The report states that Americans are more nervous than Chad's people and that Chad's people are the saddest people in the world and that 70% of Chad's people do not have the necessary food.

The report continued with a description of the state of Canadian society, whose psychological pressure was fifty percent, and 54 percent were depressed and sad, and a third feared.

The report published a list of the ten happiest and poorest countries in the world, where Finland has maintained its first place among all countries in the world and enjoys happiness and happiness, while the UAE remains the happiest Arab country.

In the Arab world, the UAE ranked 20th in the world (the happiest Arab countries) and Yemen ranked 152nd and the other Arab countries ranked as follows:

Qatar (32) t

Saudi Arabia (33) t

Bahrain (43) t

Kuwait (45) t

Libya (70)

Algiers (84) t

Morocco (85) t

Lebanon (88) t

Jordan (90) t

Somalia (98) t

Palestine (104) t

Tunisia (111) t

Iraq (117) t

Egypt (122) t

Sudan (137) t

Syria (150) t


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