Lake Kalba … a picture between the arms of nature

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Lake Kalba … Artistic painting between the natural embrace of Sharjah 24 on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Sharjah 24 – Walid Sheikh:

Kalba is home to many tourist destinations with natural attractions, diversity and richness in mountain, marine and agricultural environments for a strategic location overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Kalba Lake is one of the tourist attractions and entertainment attractions for visitors due to the nature of the picturesque overlap with the Crimean reservation to create an image that combines water blue and green trees and mangroves in a protected area.

In addition to this overlay, which has strengthened the aesthetics of the lake, its location near the center of full government and commercial destinations naturally increases the demand for visitors.

The "Sharjah 24" strolled around the lake to observe its amazing nature and sophisticated facilities that meet the needs of parents and visitors.

The lake overlooks one of the most modern shopping malls in the city of Kalba Mall and Al-Rafaf and the resort. In the near future, a new landmark Kalba Waterfront will be added to the list. Close to the flag area overlooking the lake again.

The local government authorities in the city, I soon took up the importance of the lake, strengthened my courses on the water along the parallel pavement, rather called the Corniche Lake.

Corniche features a long garden, singing and relaxing for visitors, a secure safety fence, as well as a special walkway that attracts many lovers of walking and jogging.

A new addition to the lake facility was the addition of a range of fitness equipment to encourage visitors to exercise, a project implemented by Kalba City Council, which will complement its recreational features, which also include many children's games.

The lake is characterized by salinity in the water, no more than salinity of seawater, as well as the density of algae spreading, which plays an important role in the completion of photosynthesis and food supply, and the reproduction of life.

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