Latest News – Mystery of the Week: "Mazaya Dubai" Opens Opportunities for Growth and Innovation during the Web Summit in Portugal

The Dubai Investment Development Corporation (DEDI) has organized a "Mazaya Dubai" program at a web-based summit for emerging companies in Portugal, which will conclude tomorrow with opportunities for growth, partnership and innovation in Dubai.

The Mazaya Web Team, attended by over 70,000 participants and more than 2,500 international and emerging companies, investors and entrepreneurs, took part in more than 24 specialized events, as well as a special stand at an exhibition that joined with and distributed leaflets and films. Define the strategic plans of the United Arab Emirates and their successes in technology and evaluate the strategic advantages of the Emirate of Dubai as the cities of the future and the gateway to expansion in promising regional markets and a global business center.

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and Dubai International Financial Services (DIFC), the largest and most innovative international financial institution in the world, will focus on creating and disseminating knowledge and technologies.

The Dubai Excellence Team, Fahd Al Gergawi, Dubai Investment Development Corporation Managing Director, Abdulbaset Al Janahi, Managing Director of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Managing Director of the Dubai Multi Commodity Center, Investment Director, Dubai Tourism and Trade Marketing Department, and Saeed Ghabash, Project and Investment Director, Dubai Power and Water Supply.

Fahd Al Gergawi stressed the importance of the Dubai Mazaya team, which includes an integrated team of government agencies and free zones to increase the contribution of foreign direct investment to building a future knowledge-based economy, sustainability and competitiveness. Dubai is on the map of the global business economy and strives for an international community of investors and emerging companies to present opportunities for growth, partnership and innovation in the Emirate.

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