Look … Elissa shows a bra and a transparent shirt at the Givenchy ceremony and followers blame her for getting rid of it!

Posted by امير فتحي on Tue 13 November 2018 02:31 –

Lebanese star Elissa released a new collection of her photos from Dubai during her participation at the Givenchy concert in Dubai.

Elissa appeared in these figures with a courageous look that revealed a lot of her body and gave the critics a source.

And she commented on one of the followers: "But you think you're going to visit outside of cancer and Meshk Hamak and wear it as a cure." Balash Alafra de frankness Oohash needs Vicki to try to change your clothes or Mtazlsh pictures of the shit I loved you , but after dirty dress, Mtsahlish love the Asasaa threshold.

Another observer said, "People are under. Bombing and dying, and people walking, I love you Elissa, but nudity is not a sophisticated style."

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Thank you very much @ maya.darian @ givenchyofficial for a nice evening evening #dubai #Photo credit: @ patricksawaya

Contribution shared by Elissa (@elissazkh) on November 12, 2018 at 10:24 pm PST

On the other hand, in the last few hours, Elissa's death report was reported in a traffic accident that was forced to deny her via tweeting via her Twitter account. "Rumors everywhere are bad, I'm fine, accident or death, stop posting fake news."

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