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Mohammed bin Rashid issues a decree to accept the status of the International Arbitration Center in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, issued Decree No 17 for 2019, which approves the status of the International Arbitration Center in Dubai. For 2009.
The Dubai International Arbitration Center (DICC) aims to manage local, regional and international arbitration through an integrated and sophisticated institutional framework and to support arbitration to resolve disputes in the fastest and least costly way to serve the business sector and provide a development-friendly legal environment business. In Emirate, resolving and resolving disputes that result from them effectively and effectively through arbitration and conciliation, in addition to strengthening arbitration to meet management, integrity and justice requirements, and to contribute to the dissemination of arbitration culture at local, regional and international level. and neutral dispute resolution is easy.
Terms and Conditions

In order to achieve its objectives, the Center specializes in the provision of local and international business dispute resolution services through arbitration and conciliation in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and the rules applied by the Center or the agreed parties to the dispute, as well as the development of cooperation between the Center and other specialized arbitration institutions and resorts. Local, regional and international level, in addition to raising awareness of the importance of arbitration and conciliation, organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses, publishing arbitration and conciliation professional publications, Arbitrators, experts and qualified mediators who are bound by the requirements and procedures of arbitration or conciliation.

In accordance with the DIFC Statute, the Centre's Arbitration Rules and Procedures and any amendments thereto shall be governed by the Order of His Majesty of Dubai, the rules and procedures of the Center's conciliation shall be governed by regulations adopted by the Governing Board of the Center. In consultation with the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubai The workshops within the Center are organized in accordance with the regulations issued by the Center's Board of Directors, which regulate the functions and powers conferred on the Center by the Statute. Daria, finance and human resources systems.
Organizational structure

The Articles of Association stipulate that the Dubai International Arbitration Center will consist of organizational levels, including: Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Governing Body The system also determines the remit of the Governing Board, including: adoption of the Center's general policy and strategic plans; And arbitration, in consultation with the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is presented to the competent authorities in the Emirate, to review in preparation for the adoption and issuance of the Order of His Majesty the ruler of Dubai.

The Board of Directors of the Center also approves the organizational structure of the administrative body of the Center, its internal regulations and regulations and submits them to the Council of the Chamber for approval, as well as the adoption of the list of fees for arbitrators, mediators and experts employed by the Center in consultation with the Board of Directors of the Chamber. Reconciliation, Experts and Center Membership Procedures, in addition to accepting the Center Membership Fee List, Registration Fees and Registration of Arbitrators, Conciliation Intermediaries and Other Services Provided by the Center in consultation with the Board of Directors of the Chamber.

The Management Board of the International Arbitration Center in Dubai will adopt an annual report on the Centre's activities and activities, submit it to the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and approve the Centre's annual budget and final account. And propose the remuneration allocated to the members of the Executive Committee and of the subcommittees in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and submit them to the Board of the Chamber for approval within the Centre's annual budget, in addition to the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics of Arbitrators and Mediators. justice.
The system defined the mechanisms of the Governing Board's actions, the conditions for the loss of membership, the mandate of the Executive Committee and the subcommittees, and the functions and powers of the Centre's Director.
Functions of the Administration 1. t

In accordance with the Statute of the Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIC), the administration carries out several tasks under the supervision of the Director of the Center, including: receiving arbitration and conciliation requests and other requests to settle and respond to disputes and replies to them; Arbitrators, conciliation mediators, experts and dispute resolution specialists, according to their qualifications, experience and competences, prepare a summary of the dispute and submit it to the Centre's Executive Committee with a copy of the arbitration request.

The administration shall prepare a register for the submission of arbitration and conciliation requests to the Center and the retention of the judgments handed down therein, providing information concerning arbitration and conciliation, specifying dispute settlement procedures, drawing up the necessary forms to facilitate arbitration and conciliation. and preparing an electronic record containing a list of arbitrators, Experts and Associates to become members of the Center with different titles and powers, memorize and update them, and report to the Center Director on the tasks performed and future plans necessary to achieve the goals t for the development of arbitration and conciliation processes.

The Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIC) is responsible for documenting and memorizing the minutes of the Management Board and Executive Committee and Subcommittees, the publication of periodicals and publications of the Center, supervising seminars, lectures, training and dispute resolution workshops through arbitration and conciliation. . And other local and international specialized agencies in the areas that achieve the Centre's objectives, including the exchange of expertise, lists of arbitrators, conciliation mediators and experts, and in addition to the Centre's Objectives, which enable it to exercise the functions and powers conferred upon it under the Statute, and inform the parties of the dispute of the dates and venue of the meeting, if requested by the arbitral tribunal, the arbitrator or the mediator.
Confidentiality, impartiality and exemption from responsibility

The Statute provides that meetings and meetings of the Management Board of the Dubai International Arbitration Center and its Committees shall be confidential and none of them may participate, vote or vote on any matter or decision if it is a Party or has a direct or indirect interest in it or a representative one of the parties to the proceedings. Legal representative, administrator or administrator In all cases, each member declares any of these cases, if any.

A member of the Management Board, the members of the Centre's committees, the Director of the Center and any staff of the administrative system, whether during or after the Center, do not disclose or communicate any information or documents relating to the Centre's work; . It may not be published or made available, except in writing by the parties to the dispute or at the request of the competent judicial authority. The member of the supervisory board of a center, a member of its executive or ancillary committees, the director of the center or any employee of the center may not be an arbitrator for any dispute before the center. Whether it is an arbitrator, a president or a member of an arbitration court.

In accordance with the Dubai International Arbitration Center Statute, the Center or any of its employees or any member of the Board of the Center, its Committees or the Arbitration Court shall not be liable for any act that it does or refrains from. of the Center.

Any provision in other legislation shall be repealed in so far as it is contrary to the provisions of this Order and the Statute adopted pursuant thereto and shall be published in the Official Journal of the Government of the Republic of Dubai and shall enter into force on the day of its publication.


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