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Published: 10/11/2018

Marilyn Salloum

The episode spans 50 years. The duration of the screen is limited by hours of time, observing the stars before they grow up, changing their features and, most importantly, kicking the signs in them, responding and crying.
The "My Time with Time" program with the second season on Dubai TV completes its success, perhaps with better touch with Lebanese TV Rima Karaki, who replaced Monu Abuhamz.
A comfortable program, a calm journey with age, upscale questions that are just as private and personal as they are devoted to the politeness of dialogue and its origins, unknowing, neither cheap nor slow. Program designers formulate questions in a literary way. They avoid triviality and do not fall into the pitfalls of a talk show that we see in one of those who asked the guest about his message to the girls at night.
Rima Karaki is worthy of a high-level dialogue and the nature of the program determines the transition of two guests who have a relationship of friendship, friendship or marriage, from the present to 25 years in the form and change of clothes and then 50 years. The importance of moving in these stages is a surprise, a shock for a guest when he first sees himself in the mirror and later sees his partner. And the surprise reflected in a psychological situation that appears clearly on the screen and is currently photographed either interacts with star laughter or sheds tears, which is usually the case.
All episodes are characteristic, but the most beautiful were the episodes of Salafah Amarar and Saif al-Din Subayi because they talked about the stages of their marriage and divorce with all generosity, respect, consciousness and understanding. Rarely, there are such cases in the Arab world. Rarely, there are no cases of friendship after divorce and divorce, whereas models of "yesterday's husbands of today's enemies" are widespread, and insults and intrigues are reported on social networks.
Saif and Salafah, a typical relationship in love and respect after separation, and the relationship continues between them in a way that positively reflects their daughter Dahab. In the episode affected by their age and each of them advise the other to pay attention to himself and his health and each one is really afraid of another.
"My Story With Time" A special program, we look forward to the honesty of the feelings and transparency resulting from the transformation of the age the star finds itself in front of her, and of course she goes back to a team of professional makeup, although sometimes she seems exaggerated, aging age.
What's new in the program, if the guest knows in advance that they will pass this test? The new one, who is going to live an adventure and experience the sense of function, did not expect and changed the look and feelings of the partners exchanged to automatically reflect the feelings. And for new viewers, they follow a quiet dialogue and reflect the reactions of stars without makeup in feelings and are looking forward.

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