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News 24 How do I use two accounts on one mobile phone?

ArchivesWatsab is very popular and some users need two accounts to separate personal and business connections. Is it possible on one mobile device?

British Express said there are three ways to install two accounts on a single mobile phone, noting that some smartphone manufacturers offer this feature as a major component of the device while other users need third-party applications.

The site said that installing two accounts on one Android mobile OS is easy compared to iPhone devices that need to disrupt device protection in order to add this property.

Newest version
Some recent versions of Android-powered mobile phones allow users to set up and create multiple accounts or guest accounts on the device, which opens the user to set a new profile separate from the basic Android account.

Here, the user can download and set up the second account and set it from the beginning. This feature is available in Android version "Loley Bob" and onwards.

Android Apps
Archived "width =" 700Many smartphone users create multiple online accounts in the same service to perform multiple tasks or separate personal and business lives.

Google Play supports many apps that allow you to create multiple or binary accounts for all big names in the social media world.

These applications include Parallel Space, Cloner, Multiple Accounts, Multiple, Dual Space, and Super Clone Pro.

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