Photo: Louvreen avenged Ramos!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Real Madrid Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos will play on Thursday in the fifth round of the European Champions League.

Ramos was deliberately defeated by a Croatian defender during the match. Lofrin sent a copy of the game to his account via Intergame, a blow to the Spanish chief, and commented: "Good Morning Croatia."

The declared war between Ramos and Louvrein dates back to the finals of the Champions League when Ramos caused a heavy injury to Mohamed Salah from Liverpool early in the game and also entered Lauris Carrius in a way that provoked Louvrien, a close friend of Salah and Kareos.

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Ramos, however, refused to talk about the matter, while the Spanish defender did not seem to want the situation to be bigger than he could, while Lofren showed that the war would not be over soon.

Lopez's future position of Ramos can not be predicted, but returning to Real Madrid with fear of injury during the game is unlikely to speak to the media until the Spanish League returns on November 24th.

The match ended with Spain's 3-2 victory, with Ramos taking second penalty. The first meeting between the two teams ended with Spain's big victory 6-0, Spain led the group by 6 points, followed by England and Croatia by 4 points.

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