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Series Artegirl Resurrection Part V Episode 133 .. Declarations Artagrl 133 .. Channels of the Turkish Historical Series

Serial Trt1 Turkish live broadcast Artagrl s Events of the Artagrill Series Part V Episode 133 Translated We will show you some of our expectations Events of the Artagarl Part series From the history of the Turkish series, it is worth mentioning that Artegarlo's series of resurrections has been on the throne of Turkish historical drama for the last three years, and the series witnesses the unprecedented and unprecedented, where the events of the series in the thirteenth century AD represent the biography of the assailant Artgirl bin Suleiman Shah, Father Othman I ., the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and leader of the kai tribe of the Turks of the Muslim Oghuze, to which he belongs.

The first declaration of the 133rd resurrection of Artegral translated into Arabic

The first announcement of 132 Artegral resurrection series translated into Arabic

Geoptet von Ahmad Moatas and Mittwoch, January 16, 2019

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Serial part IV

Artagirl, where we are waiting for the presentation of the fifth part of the first dubbed episode, was decided to be on Wednesday and everyone will watch episode 125 series Artegral translated when the Turkish channel trun channel and channel invite, series and serial channels are the most successful and most watched throughout Arabic world Also in Turkey there is a series in Turkish, but the translation is written in Arabic, which made the series widespread in the Arab countries, in the historical series of Islamic production costs is very high.

The tour channel has live broadcast and all channels in the fifth part

Channel nameCurrent frequenciesCoding speedPolarizationSatellite name
University of Yarmouk1167827500VerticalNilesat

About the series

Serial part IV
Serial part IV

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This is a series that deals with Ghazi Muslim Turki, who unified the Muslim tribes in connection with Thai history in the 13th century AD, the emergence of Turkmen tribes after unification, while both Romans and Mongols compete and fight for the acquisition of the throne, the state, and severe weaknesses in the government of the state of Abbasid, a Muslim state, and seeking Gazan as a tribal place to escape the greatest enemies, were changed, the Roman tribes and the Mongols.

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