Sleeping medications harm older people. Better alternatives to overcome insomnia

Sleep disorders, especially insomnia, are a problem that many older people suffer from, preventing them from sleeping, and some may feel stressed even after awakening, so they have to take hypnotic drugs but damage their health. What are the best alternatives?

Dr. Salma Al-Saeed, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Aina Shams University Medical School, believes hypnotic drugs should not be used with older people. In case of use, they should be kept under the supervision of the physician with caution.

– Feeling dizzy or unstable, exposing older people to the possibility of falling and breaking.

– It can adversely affect the central nervous system and cause delirium.

– The patient can rehearse and over time, instead of having to eat one tablet to help sleep, he or she needs to eat two tablets or three tablets.

In order to prevent damage caused by hypnotic drugs, Al Saeed has provided several alternatives and tips to help older people overcome as much insomnia as possible, including:

– Prepare a routine everyday routine for sleep preparation, such as toothbrushing, calming, praying or reading a book, for example, helping to create a mental bond between these activities and sleep.

– Dinner should be light to help calm sleep without having trouble digesting.

– It is better to eat dinner food to help sleep, especially bananas, because it contains certain materials that help to sleep.

– Do not use special liquids containing caffeine after 17:00.

– Exposure to sunlight daily, because it helps sleep and contributes to the control of biological clocks.

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