They can’t say “goodbye” directly … Corona patients take tablets during the last interview before leaving

(CNN) – Some hospitals store enough modest iPads, but the reason reflects the grim fact that they are used to connect Corona (Covid-19) patients with their families – sometimes – in the last interview they will ever have. .

When dr. Marc Shapiro published a report about a patient who said goodbye to his family on an iPad and wanted to inform others about the seriousness of the epidemic.

“As the ICU team prepares, this is a crucial step that we must not forget,” wrote Shapiro, a doctor at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in California, USA.

Shapiro added that the patient said “initially no”, but we encourage him. The nurse brings an iPad. He told his family when the last air in his lungs broke. Via internet connection. “

Hospitals are crowded with thousands of patients who arrive every day after coronavirus closure. Across the United States, there was a shortage of hospital supplies for medical staff and a number of beds for patients.

The contagious nature of the disease has forced hospitals to limit and often prevent visitation rights in order to reduce its spread.

The latest solution was to set up iPads and other virtualization technologies so that patients could communicate with their friends and family – often for the last time.

And on Thursday, the image of iPads preparing for patients in the intensive care unit spread on Twitter, gaining more than 115,000 likes and 27,000 retweets in a few days.

IPads are often used just before intubation, says Shapiro. At this point, there is no guarantee that the patient will have the opportunity to talk to loved ones again.

“We intubate when their lungs are so injured that they can’t maintain organ function … They don’t get enough oxygen on their own. We understand we could facilitate their last conversation,” Shapiro told CNN.

Santa Rosa Hospital in California was not the first to rely on tablets to allow patients to communicate with their loved ones.

For Caroline Booker, head nurse at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, iPads are the best choice for the hospital.

As in other hospitals, Booker says Northside has some tablets, but the sudden increase in coronavirus cases has driven demand for more.

Until recently, the hospital did not have enough tablets until the former patient raised money to buy 25 iPads for the hospital.

“As for Covid-19, hospitals have basically banned visitors … If a patient is positive, we don’t want to risk being infected by someone else, so it’s the best way for patients to stay with their loved ones,” Bowker told CNN. .

She added, “It’s sad that we’ve achieved that.” But Booker is trying to use these tablets as an innovative solution to a common problem.

He says that like others, iPads will continue to be used for years after the virus has subsided. He remembers one patient who used an iPad with a loved one for more than six hours. They were silent most of the time. Patient Booker later said that all he had to do was see each other’s faces.

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