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United Arab Emirates will provide 3285 UAE nationals working in Abu Dhabi – Business News –

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In accordance with the guidelines of His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Army, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Emirate's Executive Council, to create over the next five years at least 10,000 jobs for private and the Executive Board of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to achieve the goal of providing 110,000 jobs of 3,000 jobs to occupy 3285 citizens and job seekers within four months from the start of 5 June 2018 until the end of October .
In addition, the Commission managed to provide 2155 jobs to citizens and 1130 citizens, 1397 jobs in the paramilitary sector, 42%, 1273 in the federal government sector, 39%, 543 in the local government sector, 17% in the private sector 2%.
The level of education for researchers and jobseekers ranged from 37% to secondary and 59% to secondary and 2% to secondary.
The three most prominent job seekers were the 1 046 Army General Command, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the Mubadala Investment Company, each with approximately 500 jobs.
Amer Al Hammadi, Director-General for Human Resources, said: "The results we have achieved in just four months beyond expectations are clear evidence of the Committee's great efforts and our fruitful cooperation with our federal, local, paramilitary and private partners.
He stressed that providing citizens and citizens with employment opportunities is a national responsibility that is everyone's responsibility and requires integration and integration of the efforts of all parties, including governmental, paramilitary and private, to achieve citizens' efforts and ensure a decent life.
While many officials and community activists in Abu Dhabi, the Committee's announcement, stressed that good leadership puts citizens at the top of their priorities.
Abdullah bin Okadahah Al Muhairi, the secretary-general of the Zakat Fund, stressed that this was an initiative that excited our hearts and we were pleased with the cooperation between the federal and local sectors and pointed out that the biggest challenge is to face the persistence of opportunities and jobs for future children.

National Day of Bushra

Dr. Fatima Saeed Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of Administration at Sorbona University in Abu Dhabi, said that the Bushra's success in the short term is a Bushra celebration for citizens on the occasion of the National Day.

Community service is good

Dr. Riyad Al Muhaideb, director of Zayed University, said: "Wise leadership is making many initiatives and efforts to provide jobs for citizens as part of their efforts to increase emulation rates in the public and private sectors.
Opportunities for self-determination
"This initiative helps young people and job seekers to overcome some of their work environment challenges in finding suitable jobs," said Hamad Al Mahias, Executive Director of National Insurance Company Daman. Own.
The Christian success of the Khalil Al Khouri, Deputy Deputy at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates, pointed out that the trend of providing jobs to citizens in the private and government sectors contributes to promoting the labor market and providing new and quality opportunities in different areas.
Huda Al Matroushi, executive board member of Abu Dhabi Business Council said: "Our leadership has always encouraged young people in the country to provide them with jobs and engage them in the construction and development process that the state has demonstrated in various areas.
Khalifa Al Muhairbi, chairman of Gulf Arab Investment Company, said: "Our leadership is continuing its efforts to harness the capabilities of young people and their involvement in government and private jobs while leaving them important for creativity, innovation and success.
Omair Al Dhahiri, Chairman of the Madaen Holding Group, said that creating jobs for citizens for work in the public and private sectors is very important.
Khalid Al Mansouri, Family Development Advisor and Coach, said: "The UAE and its objectives have always been in line with the aspirations of the development process in government and private institutions.
Dr. Habib Ghuloom Al-Attar, cultural advisor to the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, said: "The most valuable of these initiatives and the nomination of this number of citizens is encouraging.
Ibrahim Ali Al Shehhi, Executive Director of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates, said that this initiative is a strong and moral motivation for citizens.
"Such guidelines reflect the interest leadership attaches to people in their homeland and provide them with safe lives and stability," said Yasser Bin Mohammed, Digital Communications Director.
Abd al-Hadi al-Ahbabi, an UNB employee and legal department, praised these initiatives.

Step in the way of competitiveness

Dr. Farouq Hamada, director of the University of Muhammad V, said: "The announcement of these results is the work of the Employment Committee as a first step towards rationalizing the energy of the country's inhabitants and integrating them into the labor market in their respective positions. potential.
Mohammed Ben Kordous Al Ameri, a member of the Federal National Council, praised the success of the Abu Dhabi Executive Committee's work committee, which provided this enormous number of jobs in just four months, and emphasized that good leadership is guided by the policy of building people and enabling them to live well.
Mohammed Haji Al Khouri, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan's Managing Director for humanitarian work, has expressed a message of reassuring to all young people in the UAE that the UAE is the top priority for them to move to the required areas in the government sector.

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