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Планы мирной реинтеграции Donbassa. Where do candidates present to presidents?

In Ukraine, approaching the president. And the new candidate in the audience talked to him, how did he solve the problems Donbassa and the final warriors.

This topic is interesting for украинцев больше всего – so утверждают соцопросы.

And, the traditional rhetorical promises of the candidate have little attention ("investments", "рост зарплаты"), it is Donetskaya and Luganskaya – the bulgarian bohemia. There is no peace in the region – there is not much economic growth and investment. A significant position on Donbassu is the key to doing so, whether you win this or any candidate in real life.

"Country" means that the main claimants are in the chair.

As I wrote in Minsk, I understood and perceived myself as a devil

Fundamental plans for the prize are the same as those of 2065, which were decided by the United Nations.

On the premonition of the fire and the departure of the sailors with lines of delimitation. In other cases, the Constitution states that the status quo for uncontrolled parts of the Donbassa (the local authorities have formed a form of suicide, the procuratorate, the "nationalist militias", the status of the Russians and the separate relations with the Rosicam region) and the amnesty of the separatist movements (все вместе это называется политической частью Миньнх соглашений).

Upon the adoption of the uranium, the sovereignty over the Territorium (the control over the border with Russia) shall be completed after the local government has taken place and shall then enter into force in the Constitution as amended.

It is the main condition of the reintegration of the Donbassa, which is the Minsk Soglasm, which has been used by the Ukrainian and political parties.

Tactics Ukrainian authorities – war how bы есть, но ее как бы нет

In that time, official Kiev with 2015 years in fact sabotiroval process.

Amendments to the Constitution relative to the status quo, but for the postmodern matter. The government of Ukraine has all the current challenges in the current situation – it is not a good example of the new government, but it is a war of years. A significant amount of constantly speaking is the volume, which is the time of the mainstream criminals. And when it comes to making the difference between the budget and the smuggling of the lines.

Acts that are not immediately rejected by Minsk Soglashnye, Kyiv viiivulul condition – use of political parties can now be handled under the control of the Ukrainian border (how do you choose – a government over its and over all the DPR / LPA control internationally) Moscow and our separatists are not hot, so how do they work, so in this case, Ukrainian authorities simply set up clearing terms and any status or amnesty is no longer awake.

Поэтому переговоры буксуют до сих пор. And Poroshenko, such a situation is used in the direction of the cause. A coup d'état in the Ukrainian government has been shrinking with Minsk's counterparts, but with the Gipsy states in Russia itself, under the sounds of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union has dominated the control of Donetsk and Lugansk. Liss on it, which is Russia's capital city, and its own destination with the Donbassa. А этого, конечно, можно ждать вечность.

The single-mindedness of the struggle for the Donbasse and ego reintegrations in Ukraine – это выполнение Киевом политический части Минских соглашений. However, in the case of Poroshenko and Коодити не готовы (in this number, too, there is no interest in participating in the selection of non-choices of the opt-in to the choice of Donbassa).

That's how and other leadership candidates – Yulia Tymoshenko and Anatoly Gricenko.

Гриценко, к примеру, считат, что неподконтрольные районы The following can be found in the course of the summer. But the conditions are for that net.

"I have prepared my plan for a diplomatic balance in solving problems in the military wartime police missions and so far, but I have a political condition, and this is what I see as a complication," said Dmitry Gordon, a political politician.

Tymoshenko, in a row, ruled on her husband, and Poroshenko. For the sake of completeness, the Territorial Integrity of the United Nations will be strengthened by the diplomatic front, the "Budapest Plus" format and the NATO-backed NATO army.

It is a procedure written in Minsk, but I do not speak. And after that, the region – процесс неопределенный. Понятно лишь то, что и Тимошенко, и Гриценко собираются просить Запад больше давить на Россию. All the same, it is Seichas Delaet and Poroshenko.

Кроме того, груп поддержки обоих кандидатт (opátь же, така и как действующий президент) traktuют любые уступки России на планей компромис по Donbassu как третираьство национальных интересов.

Vladimir Zelensky, righteousness, speaking of peace, and speaking of rosianana. But, I wonder how he is busting away from his business in Rossiya and an ally from the Kakih-Libo Svyaz with Moskva, in the use of political parties Minsk Soglashi on the very beginning, so how do they get on with his anger "patriotistical publics?"

Autonomy Donbasse – hto это и заключе

With all the candidates, I have the opportunity to take part in the second round of this event, Yuri Boyko and his supporter, "The Opposition Platform-For the Life", for the realization of the political parts of Minsk and for the direct talk of peace with Donetsk, Lugansk and Rossiye.

On Tuesday, 29 years ago, the "Opposing Platforms" went out through leadership politics Viktor Medvedchuk announced the plans for the peace.

"Надо договариваться в" четырехугольнике "- Киев, Донецк, Луганск and Москва." Наш мирный план предполагатт создание Донецкого автономного район в составе Украины "We offer amendments to the Constitution, which will strengthen this status," – said Medvedchuk.

Autonomy Donbas – this is a very important point, which is used by Minsk. In nih было две неурегулированных момента.

Первый – там было пропираны "местные выборы в отдельных район Донецкой и Луганской област", след което которых, выбранные на них местные власти как раз и получат расширенные порномочия согласно "особому статусу". But local authorities – это, условно говори, городские и районные советы. In Minsk, I did not write down, which, in my own words, managed the whole region, which had become more autonomous.

Donate Donetsk to the Autonomous Region to resolve this problem.

Secondly, there was a message that Minsk had spoken out about the "separate regions of Donetsk and Lugansk region". It is also the logic of the "DRP / LRA" terminology. In the same time, understandably, the normal economic activity of the region (I am not talking about the situation), it is not possible for me to leave the Donbassa (which is the only one that I would like to do).

Поэтому правильно было бы дать особый статус всему Donbassu. And how did he promise bы возможность его быстрого возрождения след войны. Establish an autonomous region in a massive two-storey area with these points sighted verbally logical.

For example, it is not contradictory to say that the Minsk Soglashey, which is the "regional division of the region", determines the Verkhovnyy Raddz solution (and theoretical in this case, which includes every two-thirds district).

In that time, however, it is possible to find similar ideas in this case in the case of the lower configurations of the Ukrainian authorities. Let us not say that the president, but also the Parliament (October 2019).

Пройзойдет ли это – visible to the contu. It is precisely what we have learned – it seems to us that the real chance of the peace and reintegration of the Donbassa.

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