[Слухи] Legion Legends – Ninja has earned a million dollars for commercial royal battle

Respawn Studio's Royal Battle of Apex Legends and EA created a real feeling: without long marketing training, like a tobacco hell, the project immediately attracted millions of players. Earlier it was reported that popular streamers could see the game in advance, and it was up to them to rely on the promotion.

However, everything seems to have come on a suitcase with small unmarked accounts. According to Reuters, referring to his own resources, the popular streamer Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, received a million dollars from EA to cover the beginning of Apex legend (which is twice his monthly income).

Recall that most of the Ninja flow through the Royal Battle of Fortnite of Epic Games and have more than 13 million followers on Twitch. As a 27-year-old streamer and EA, they are still commenting out.

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