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A video of Kamen's discouraging expression appeared. Politeka

Nastya Kamenskih asked her fans for a new song and received severe criticism as well as marriage.

The popular singer introduced a new composition of the Ukrainian language "I Promise".

The debut performance took place on one of the Ukrainian channels. Kamensky shared a video about her performance with fans on her Instagram social networking site. The film actress signed: "What beautiful number I promise we went out, what do you think?".

The reaction of the singer fans was not long.

"Yeah, when you sing, it's not possible to break away … and it doesn't work quietly either. NK-fire, adorable, "" It was very beautiful, "" You're the best, "" Very beautiful, "" It was a very cool performance, "wrote the commentator, who was astonished at the performance of Kamensky.

But there were also critics who did not like the number or the fact that the singer started to perform on the stage floor, neither her hair nor her character: "I didn't like this number, I don't like it on the stage", "Hair prevented you singing, still getting into her mouth "," I really didn't like hair! And so everything is great! "," You must grow! Your Poles are huge "," We lied again? "," The skirt must have been left ".

By the way, there was one fan of Kamensky who couldn't resist and offered her the offer: "Take me."

Recall that Kamensky and Potap escaped together from Ukraine: "they were sleeping in a photo."

As Politeka points out, Kamensky lit up the spells in a sincere neckline: "Woman of Dream".

Politeka also wrote that Nastya Kamenskikh shares an "erotic" photo: "Goddess of Beauty".

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