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Cryptoulutenya Binance Binance Terminate Servicing Resident Belarus

28 members of the Binance Binance Binance Bureau in Belarus received a letter of intent that the platform did not provide their services. For ForkLog представитель Binance Глеб Костарев подтвердил подлинность письма.

"In the last updated Updates, you have to be aware that you are not able to provide us with services in a bustle. Если вы не читали наши УИ, мы настоятельно рекомендуем вам сделать это », – Spoken by Binance.

In the IBs, Binance reports that Binance is the right person to do so in love and at its own discretion.

«Пользуясь услугами Binance, выключить, че не находить в каких-либо списък торговых или экономических санкций, в частност, санкционных списках Совета Безопасност ООН или Controls for andностранными активами (OFAC). Binance sockets for your own entitlements and lawyers for work and can either restrict or pretend to provide a service for a resident country, – specified in IM Binance.

Точные даты, когда биткоин-бржа прекратит обслуживание, неизвестны. By word Gleba Kostareva, resident of Russia, the restrictions are not cosnute.

Let's remind you, at the beginning of November, Binance called Residency Iranian.

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