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Galkin unveiled the Ahendjakoyi, a new show

Rossiyski comedian and showman Maxim Galkin replied to the request оскорбленной его недавним выступлением российской актрисы Лии Ахаджаковой.

He has confirmed that he has not committed himself or herself with a goal or a humiliating person. Such an application appeared in Instagram Supply Аллы Пугачевой.

"Dear Ms. Mejdidovna, save me, I do not deny you the talent, but do not deprive me of the right to freedom of speech and self-reliance, for which I am very capable of ironizing over the phenomena and relations in politics, . Занимаюсь я я политической сатирой, а в соцветственно Вы как дайвий непримиримый борец с режимом – желанный участник мойх пародий, tem более Ваша яркая манера талантливой актриси позволить это делать интересно и узнавамо. олько по-другому, весомее и серьезнее, но и Путин в моем изображении гораздо комичнее, чем оригинал "- сказал он.



Leia Ahejakova and Maxim Galkin

At the same time, Galkin accentuated the volume, which was the time when he came to Ahmedzak as he went into the sunset.

"I did not have any intentions to speculate on your names, and the hotel has a great deal of pleasure for you and your colleague," he said.

Сегодня было опубликовано интервью Лий Ахеджаковой, где она критикует меня за пародию на неё. You can polysize the video, move it to a part of the Interview with Ley Medjidvn, and then click on the numbers you want to read. Ниже моё обращение к прославленной actress. Honorable Leia Меджидовна, спасибо, что не отказваш ти не в таланта, but do not lose any rights to freedom of speech and self-expression, for что Вы же сами много лет боретесь. The whole of my parody does not have any choice and exequatur over it. I have been able to ironize the phenomena and relations in politics, economics and television. Занимаюсь я я и политической сатирой, а соответственно Вы как дайвий непримиримый борец с режимом – желанный участник мойх пародий, tem illness Ваша яркая манера талантливой actresses allow it to be interesting and knowledgeable. Honey, parody, and grotesque, and you talk in a different way, vestige and sergey, but Putin in my mood imagines the comrade, the original. It may not be good or bad, but it does it, according to my own discretion, worthy parodies. And it is worthwhile, how and our president, and other participants in the political process. Parody and satire – this part of the free society, for which you are. If you have a congratulatory or a not-decided audience and a jubilee Gallinis Borisovny Volchek will have a parody of you, do not get a lot of words, it is very valuable, so how do you see in your people personally, Вы в интервью не that's how they were in the sunset, you did not picture it for the glow. You did not have any intentions to speculate on your name, and the hotel was very pleasant to you and your colleague.

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How did OBOZREVATEL, Leia Ahmedzakova negate in the post-war period, Galkina in ee сторону. Shoumen showed a number, in which he was politically active.

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