Huawei expressed an ambiguous stance on US politics

Richard Yoon, Executive Director of Consumer Affairs
Huawei department earlier than once
and not two have said their contempt for the US president
Donald Trump in connection with a relatively tough and uncompromising policy
America in relation to the deployment of Huawei's activities in its territory. Today, however, he really appeared
unusual and interesting reports on the official statement of senior management
Huawei Director Rena Zhengfei,
who, on the contrary, said he respected the US president and his recent
relatively hard strategies and approaches to restoring and restoring old ones
US Production Capacities.

Such a statement can be considered highly controversial given that Huawei has had to go through US states whose government has decided to ban Chinese manufacturers from distributing their products on their territory and seeing in their activities the elements and threat of espionage from Chinese government services. Since then, Huawei has been looking for new markets for its products and, as a result, has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Ren Zhengfey, who holds the post of CEO, said today that despite the current US policy on company activities he still respects President Trump's actions and attitudes towards third-party companies and domestic economic agents.

And such a statement for many Huawei users and fans may seem very strange and illogical, but states the position of Executive Director on this matter.

It is unlikely that this will of course be an opportunity
termination of the current ban on trade in Huawei products in the United States, but may affect it
some aspects of not quite smooth relations between society and government
USA, especially if Zhengfey finally proves his
The company does not threaten the interests of the Chinese government.

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