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I do not see Kant as a midfielder –

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri explained why Ngolo Kante does not use as a midfielder.

Ngolo Kante, Getty Images

Ngolo Kante, Getty Images
28 November 2018 20:26

In the last few years, Ngolo Kante was one of the best defensive centers in the world, but the new Chelsea coach, Maurizio Sarri, used the French closer to the target.

"As you know, my team must be a very middleweight midfielder, so it could be Jorgin or Fabregas." "I do not see Kanta in this position," Surry said.

"In a fight with Tottenham, Kante tried to change the course of the meeting after the first 15 minutes, but not in that direction, lost his position, was too involved in the attacks, and these actions did not concern his best qualities, but it was just a reaction to the difficulties."

"Kante must keep close to Jorgin, especially when the ball is on the other side, on the left, when the ball is to the left, we have Alonso, Azar, Kovacic or Barkli, and Ngolo should stay very close to Jorgin."

Note that Kant recently signed a new five-year contract with Chelsea.

In the current season, the 27-year-old Frenchman played 17 matches for Chelsea in all the tournaments in which he scored one goal and gave one assistant.

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