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I spent two months with the iPhone XR and I am ready to answer what is better than the iPhone X

Do not be fooled when I say one of the most popular questions that come to the editor is the choice between iPhone X and iPhone XR. The older models, the XS XS and the XS XS XS, go through because they are smartphones of a different price segment, but "ten", as people say, and XR really thinks about the same costs. Since I got the iPhone XR, it has been over two months so I could look at all of its advantages and disadvantages up and down. Most importantly, answer the question of choice itself.

Pros iPhone XR

I will start with the trumps, more precisely the main plus of the iPhone XR. And that's the battery. Yes, because of the large size (which made it possible to place a good battery) and the IPS-screen, the battery life of this smartphone is really impressive. With the active use of the day I never managed to land the battery at least 20% (if you want it, of course), I finally in the mode of average use of iPhone XR calmly "lived" for two days. None of the previous Apple smartphones, including iPhone XS and iPhone X (even the "plus" series), could boast battery life.

Another advantage of the iPhone XR is its display. If we postpone large frames (which I've been using for about a week) and the absence of OLED, it's a good 6.1-inch diagonal screen with a lot of content. Thanks to the reaction, it is not worse than older models, but the colors are not as saturated as those on the iPhone X. Some say the OLED is "yellow", I personally noticed it once, and I discovered more benefits for myself than disadvantages.

You can comfortably shoot in "Portrait mode" with one camera, but what's upset is a software constraint that lets people take pictures in this mode. This was made possible by the Face Recognition and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that allow us to select people within the framework for background determination. In other cases, "people did not find" appeared on the screen, although the system could be cheated by casts and human figures. Well, if you find an error, the camera lens collects dust and dirt around too well.

Many have already said that the iPhone XR "cartridge" is the same as the iPhone XS (except for the camera), so the smartphone works very fast, sometimes even smarter than the iPhone X, which is also in our editorial board. There is plenty of RAM, the Face ID feature works very quickly, although a black screen will sometimes disappear when you unlock the smartphone until you press the Shut Down button several times. IOS 12 sins, but who knows what a real reason. Especially when the update is released, the error will not disappear.

You will also get used to the iPhone XR size – however, a bit longer than the screen. At first, it looks very great, so wearing it in case is not appropriate if you want to use the device comfortably. The phone is a little heavy (the back glass and wireless charging gives it its own), but not like iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs 202 g. Just 194 g.

Disadvantages of iPhone XR

In addition to what I mentioned above, for me iPhone XR minus was its side frame – it is made of aluminum, while iPhone X and "older" have steel. Yes, the other collects the scratches better, but painfully pleases how the steel looks unlike the glass. Among our readers there is a lot of people who defend the aluminum skeleton – it's probably a matter of taste.

And, for me, this is the only significant disadvantage of this smartphone. Yes, the frame is big. Yes, it's big and heavy and the screen is not OLED. But you will soon notice the first two points, the same applies to OLED if you have never used them before.

Which is better – iPhone X or iPhone XR

I wanted to answer this question unambiguously, but it will not work. The iPhone XR is an excellent smartphone, but with all its advantages and disadvantages I would still choose the iPhone X. Yet it is 6.1 inches a bit too much for convenient use (5.8 is enough) and you will not notice the difference in performance in normal use. Once I started using the iPhone X with the OLED screen, it was hard to look at IPS. Then, of course, I got used to it, but my hand still gets to the "tenth" – the difference in color richness is too obvious.

In addition, iPhone X can now be purchased at discounted prices. Perhaps it is an outdated smartphone, but it will be relevant for at least a few more years.

Of course, this is my subjective opinion, inspired by two months of using the iPhone XR. What do you think? Let's discuss in comments and our telegram interview.

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