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Igor Nikolaev discovered daughter hanging on the balcony :: Showbiz :: Dni.ru

There was a terrible incident with Igor Nikolayev. He sincerely said it in a new interview.

Poet, composer, singer Igor Nikolaev became the next star guest of the transfer of Kira Proshutinskaya "He and She". The artist has told such things that are barely known to his most dedicated fans. For example, it was he who invented the episode in the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!", Where the Wolf clings to himself with a fishing rod, and turned, falls into the gorge. "I, the boy, sent him to the competition," said Igor Nikolaev. And in this cartoon the sound of his song "Iceberg" was played by Hare and Wolf and Komarovo.

We're talking about personal life. Nikolaev believes that what does not kill us strengthens us. "Because it's not a mistake, but an experience you won't be repeating. If you walk along the edge of the eaves and suddenly break, but don't go down, then you don't go to this eaves for the second time," the artist explained.

He said he almost fell off the balcony. Only a friend caught him. "I hit it very painfully – there was a wooden bed under the parapet. But I survived," concluded Igor Nikolaev. But he noticed that he was sober at that moment. "It's a state where it's all the same," said the performer.

According to him, the same property has been observed since his childhood in his eldest daughter, Julia. The artist told a terrible story. "We were neighbors with Yuri Antonov and his mother Natasha cooked delicious fried cakes. Julie loved us. Julie was in first or second class. And now Natasha yells" Julie, cakes, cakes! "And our balconies were the letter" G ", we are in fourth place, Antonov is on the fifth floor and Julia has decided to climb over the balcony, and the little hands are weak, and just as hung and silent, she does not say" Dad ", no one calls," said the composer. .

Igor Nikolaev discovered heiress inadvertently. "Not accidentally I went to the balcony and saw the picture: my baby is hanging. Repeated it many times, I don't want to say that. I'm not afraid, it's just some sort of missing gene – self-control, fear, don't know", quoted Igor Nikolaev TVC.

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