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Kerch tragedy: the body arrow burned and secretly buried

Ukraine News: Oct. 17 at Kerch College, one of the students organized an explosion and fire.

In the occupied Crimea, the bodies of Kerch's shooter Roslyakov, who organized an explosion and shot October 17 at the Kerch Polytechnic Faculty, were burned and buried under a different name. News about "360".

"Vladislav Roslyakov, who made an armed attack on the Polytechnic College in Kerch, was cremated, the Kerch shooter was buried two weeks ago under a strange name," the report writes.

On Oct. 17 in the Russian occupied Crimea in the building of the Kerch Polytechnic School there was an explosion of unknown equipment and shooting, resulting in the death of 21 people. Total number of victims – 88 persons.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crime qualifies the incident as a terrorist act.

According to the Investigation Commission of the Russian Federation, a four-year-old student of the 18th anniversary of Vladislav Roslyakov organized a massacre at a university that had committed suicide at the time. Firstly, under the article "terrorist attack", a criminal trial was launched, then reclassified to an article "The murder of two or more people in a generally dangerous manner". The body of Vladislav Roslyakov was almost a month after the tragedy after the accident, because "no one turned to him (body – ed)".

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