Latynina: The story of Gandjuk – this will be the story of the viability of the Ukrainian authorities / GORDON

If the Ukrainian authorities issue customers for the murder of Ekaterina Gandžyuka, the city council official in Kherson, Ukraine will be even stronger. Otherwise, the country will gradually change to Russia, to the new Maidan, says Russian journalist Julia Latynina.

The murder of a city council official in Kherson, Ekaterina Gandzyuk, has caused a great outrage in Ukraine, and in this context is a very interesting reaction of the Ukrainian authorities. This opinion on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" was expressed by Russian journalist Julie Latynina.

"We can not imagine that the death of a randomly killed activist in Russia would be the subject of outrage and investigation, because the trail leads to the power side. And of course this is the story with Gandzyuk – it will be a matter of consistency Ukrainian authorities because they will not find a customer, they are quite clear, otmazhut, which means, I regret, boys, you are not far from us. If they do, it means that Ukraine has embarked on a path of growth and recovery, "she stressed.

Latynina added, "If the General Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko surrender Gandzyk's murdering customer," Ukraine will be even stronger. "

"But they will not give up, they will gradually return to Russia, to the new Maidan," the journalist summed up.

Gandzyuk dried with sulfuric acid Morning 31 July, near her house in Kherson. She got chemical burns by over 30% of her body, and the acid got on her back, head, arms and eyes. On August 1, she was eating her delivered to Kiev for further treatment. Gandzyuk more than 10 operations have been transferred.

In the Gandzyuk case, alleged attack organizer Sergei Torbin, Vladimir Vasyanovic, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Viktor Gorbunov and Nikita Grabchuk, who allegedly masked the activists with the arrest of the activists, have been arrested. They are participants of hostilities in the East of Ukraine as part of volunteer groups. Criminal customers have not been named yet.

On November 4, Catherine Gandzyuk died.

The police have again criticized the criminal proceedings against the activist attack from the article "attempted murder with extraordinary cruelty" to the article "Deliberate Killing", after which she transferred all the Gandzyuk case materials to the main investigation department of the SBU.

November 6 Lutsenko said the investigation Twelve people suspect they could order an activist murder. He also announced that the Prosecutor's Office will sue the artist proceedings until the end of the year.

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