Maxim Vitorgan got into the fight with the presumed lover of his wife Konstantin Bogomolov

23:23, 01.21.2019

The enraged actor rushed into the café and broke the director's bearer.

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In the past month, public attention was paid to the personal lives of Ksenia Sobčák and Maxim Vitorgan. The TV anchor is attributed to a novel with a longtime friend – director Konstantin Bogomolov. Behind the rumors of the upcoming divorce of the star couple, Vitorgan took off his wedding ring and Sobchak made a new haircut that found enough evidence for the beginning of a new phase of his personal life.

Earlier in January, the media reported that the TV presenter and director met a new year together at one of Agalar's Estate meetings and did not hesitate to make their feelings and kiss in public. It is true that Ksenia and her husband then flew to the Maldives. At least the spouses wrote in their microblogs about Instagram. In fact, it turned out that family workers who posted on their social networking sites returned in 2014.

Photo taken by Maxim Vitorgan in January 2018

Image, published January 17, 2014

Today it was known that Maxim Vitorgan, tired of rumors and rumors, defeated his alleged mistress. Konstantin Bogomolov sat in the cafe when an angry actor was angry. After a minute they both went outside and "spoke." After a moment the watchers hurried to the places that witnessed men's fighting. The director returned to the café with a broken nose and a bloody face. The ambulance and the police did not call. Bogomolov was washed in the toilet and walked out of the café.

Konstantin Bogomolov

Sobchak and Vitorgan refuse to comment on any rumors and speculation about their personal lives. Only after the TV lecturer asked the user to interfere with other people's relationships, he quoted one of Os's work in his microblog on Instagram. Sergei Shnurov responded sarcastically to the publication, making fun of the stars who show off their lives and then demand privacy. Sobchak responded violently to this attack and publicly offended the musician.

Ksenia Sobchak

The longer Sobchak and Vitorgan remain silent, the more users are watching their social networks. So on vacation, the television host published a long post in the microblog, in which many users saw the hint of separation from their husband. "Relax the past, we know it's hard, especially if you like the past more than the present and the future is scary, but you have to accept the fact that the presence is all you have, and if you spend it with hysterical, threatening, jealous, intrigue, manipulation, or hate, you will only stay with these feelings, "the TV moderator wrote, adding that she was happy. "So I have absolutely nothing to please some" well-wishers "," the star syronized.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

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