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Movement on the Kremikmura bridge is under the ugrosis of the groundwater

Inactivity does not affect the relative situation of the ground of the bridge, but the bridge can only be accessed through a single way of accessing the bridge, informing InformNapalm.

In the Occupied District, the organization of the "Stroygazmontazh" organization starts with the ground of the one-of-a-kind autodidogy, a ship to the Kremskoy Most. In the 30th edition of the newsletter, Informnapalm, on the basis of the documentary documents, which is the largest federal agency for rail transport in the "Ministries of Transport Government" Peninsula.

Отмечается, что возле автомобильного подход към Крымскому мосту "Стройгазмонтаж" складировал значительные объемы грунта.

"In the results of the liquidation, the taxpayer shall educate the gatherer, who shall keep in good agreement with all the conditions, to the extent that he has the danger of submerging vertically from the land, and how the result is significant in the area of ​​the earthquake. ", – говорится в документе.

In situations with this situation, Stroygazmontazh decided to reduce the amount of water in the system of water-borne boats, the draft, according to a draft, which was not adopted in such a way. For this purpose, it has been steadily stable, a massive use of wood, a demolition concrete cement and a drainage system.

"Repeatedly, the inaction of resolving the problem can be avoided for all of the fundamental moves of the automobile industry and how the consequence – the termination of the transport of the movements through a single approach to the Kremniymu mstu" , – утверждается в документе.

Отмечается, что оригиналы документов и фотографии InformNapalm provided activists "Украинского киберальянса".



The bridge is near Kerchenskiy Strait, Krumov and Krasnodarsky near Russia, from the year 2018. Ukrainian authorities have dubbed the bridge ugrozoy национальной безопасности.

In December 2018, senior scientific researcher Institute of Water Problem Rossiyskoy academy science Yuri Medovar declared, a bridge, and a draft in the ground. Ученый In the construction of the bridge, however, there are many collapsed dwellings, but it is erratic, it is all over, but it is not worth it.

Россия аннексировала Крым после силовой блокады украинских воинских Частей и незаконно референдума 16 марта 2014 года. The accession of the peninsula to the Russian Federation did not recognize the Ukrainian and the Balkan countries.

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