Music producer Andrei Razin published an archive photo of young Ally Pugacheva and Boris Moiseyev

23:45, 12.11.2018

Thirty years ago, prima donna saw Moses on TV and invited her to Moscow.

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Today, the producer of the "Fine flower»Andrey Razin gave a real gift to fans of Ally Pugachevy: he released an archive black-and-white photo with a picture of Prima Donny. The film was shot 32 years ago. Besides Ally Borisovna, she also has a young and practically unrecognizable Boris Moiseyev, with whom Razin and Pugačava opened the way to the big stage.

Thirty years ago, Alla Pugacova was still not a Prima Don, but it was already a star of the first size, while Boris Moiseyev was known only in the Baltic States. But it all changed when the trio "Expressions"In which he spoke, he showed up on central television, and it was Andrej Razin, who helped artists who insisted that the Riga group he liked had been involved in his performance." It all started by filming "Morning Post "in 1985 on the steamer" Georgia ", where as a performer the song" You and me "insisted before the leadership of the State TV and Radio Union of the USSR that I had the trio" Expression "from Riga" – said Razin (spelling and punctuation of the author further without changes). Note: ed.).

Alla Pugacheva and the trio "Expression"

When talking to Razin, the "Expression" trio was lucky. Alla Pugačová, who saw them on television, immediately called the artists to her ensemble. They did not think long enough. "After performing on central television they noticed Alla Pugacheva and invited to shoot the film"I came and said"Boris Moiseev has moved to Moscow with Lola and Lyuda and has successfully become a career," Razin finished his story.

Today Andrei Razin recorded another photo of Boris Moiseeva on his Instagram. It features a singer along with Lyudmila Gurchenko, with whom they once recorded the song "Petersburg-Leningrad". "Today, exceptional actress Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko would have been 83. She was my favorite actress, a great man, a king for heaven," the producer said.

Lyudmila Gurchenko and Boris Moiseev

Recall that Philip Kirkorov today honors Lyudmil Markov's memorial. The Pop King took the time out of the busy schedule of work and came to the Novodevichian Cemetery where the star is buried. In her microblog about Instagram there was a singer and a short video showing that a well-groomed artist's grave is buried in flowers.

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