Samsung Announces High Speed ​​Memory HBM2E / News /

Samsung Electronics continues to improve High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) high-speed memory. At the GPU Technology Conference 2019, the South Korean giant introduced the first standard HBM2E standard chips that have a third of the bandwidth of the HBM2 chips available on the market.

Samsung HBM2

HBM2E's multi-layer memory, named Flashbolt by Samsung, will be used in a wide range of areas, including artificial intelligence, HPC computing, and high-end graphics accelerators. The presented microcircuits have a capacity of 16 GB, are received by eight 16 gigabit layers and have a capacity of 410 GB / s (3.2 Gbit / s per contact).

AMD Vega 20

By using four such microcircuits, the successor to the AMD Radeon VII graphics card will have a 64-bit video buffer with an impressive 1640 GB / s bandwidth. demanding computing.


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