Sergei Babkin эмоционально отреагировал клип Веры Кекелии

Sergei Babkin published on his own in the Instagram post, in which the new video clip VERA KEKELIA (participant in the "Zensko neighborhood") and DUDA on the TV show "Tobi" were released.

"Вы уже видели это? Это картина! Это настоящее! Это искусство! Мы в полнейшем восторге! We are crying out of pride! We cry from today! Несколько раз пересматриваю и каждый раз плач – трогает очень! We love you out of the blue! Вы – наши роднулички! Гордимся! Everything обязательно к просмотру! " "Babkin wrote.

Отметм, что данную композицию исполнители выпустили к первой годовщине свадьбы.

In the clips, Vera and Roma scream paru, the lodge in one house, see no other.

Speaking of paralleling realities, living their own lives, do not dream of anyone. Heroes in their intimate peace, show a chance to change do not change, and give life a chance.

"It's a story in the clips of hotels, but I do not like other people." Переживая свои неудачи, сомнения, концентрирусясь лишь на себе, мы упусна возможность стать счастливее, встретить «того самого» человека и изменить свою жизнь. лишь открыться миру и научиться замечать прекрасное вокруг себя ", – speaks singer VERA KEKELIA.

Seeds clipped into picturesque Ukrainian Carpathian circles burn and beauty osennego lesa. DUDA acknowledges that the group has gained access to sophisticated conditions and strong halo:

"Landscapes in the gorilla were simply in the middle, but they did not see any niche, but they did not look like niche, but they did not want to go anywhere, but in the middle of the day there was a 2-5 degrees of ice in the upper waterfall. There are only about 20 minutes to go there, honestly, the zub of ZUB did not come, and even did not help. "

Director-designator of the movie Леся Подолянко, operator – Evgeni Usanov. Автором текст и музыки композиции является DUDA.

Those who have spoken so far have heard that they are in the clip.

"Рыбка, которую Вера кормит в клип, жива и здорова." Оје очень переживали за нее из-за холода, но оно целой и невредимой вернулась в зоомагазин ", – spoke DUDA.

Remember, Sergei Babkin ranks his own country in the Turks.

That's why Sergei rascala has the honor of saying that he is in the film Zelenskogo.

Croma togo, Babkin admits to having received a baby from the mother's birthday.

What do you know about Tyne Carroll?

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