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Sergei Polunin dovedyvesya: The Paris Opera refused to cooperate with him

Paris opera rejects scandalous dancer Sergey Polunin

Sergei Polunin. Photo:

The star spoke first in support of "Berkut" and then completely distinguished itself from the sexist contribution.

World-famous ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who comes from Ukraine, has finished playing. For her recent statement, she refused to cooperate with the Paris Opera.

– Due to the public statement by Sergei Polunin, the director of dance Orelis DuPont decided not to invite artists. These comments do not correspond to the values ​​and values ​​of the institution, the official report says. "Twitter".

Above all, participants remember the Polunin proposal to beat overweight in the street. This publication was later deleted.

He spoke sexistly about the men in the ballet and their relationship to women.

– Ballet artists! A man should be on stage, there is a ballerina, there should not be two. A man must be a man and a woman woman. The energy of men and women creates a balance. That's why you have eggs. The same thing is from the ballet, and what about you? Women in the world are now trying to take on the role of men. Because you are not eating them and because you are shame. The man is a wolf. A man who is a lion is the head of the family who will take care of everything! What's wrong with you? Stop being a dirt, either a man, or a warrior, what's wrong with you? Regardless of you, life will beat you, put you on your knees and wash you. Good head to wake up. Kick! – wrote the artist in "Instagram".

Polunin has managed to publish a publication in support of "Berkut", which scattered protesters in Ukraine during EuroMainad in 2014.

Previously the dancer made a tattoo on his chest with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin and received a Russian passport. For what hit the base of the Peacemaker.

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