Smoke, Curses and Drinks: The Most Popular Photos of Sergei Shanu's Daughter – Latest Exhibition News – Photos

Leningrad's oldest daughter, Sergei Shnurova, 25-year-old Seraphim Shnurova-Astanin, loves sharing social provocative photos no less than her father.

Inside your Instagram you will find very honest shots, on which the head and the transparent dress go to the top.

The Russian musician himself does not hide the fact that he is even proud of his daughter's bad habits. He showed a black and white photograph and signed it originally.

"My daughter Serafim drinks, smokes and curses, I'm proud," he said. Later, the photo was removed, but it already came into the net.

When she confirmed her father, the girl showed a rare common picture in which she presented her father with a cigarette.

Seraphim Shnurov married a bartender from St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Astanin. She did not communicate with the "star" father for a long time, but eventually found a common language.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Russian musician Sergei Shnurov's daughter, Seraphim, showed a photograph of the balcony in a transparent lingerie with a bottle of beer and a cigarette in his hand.

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