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Tesla's production in Europe is at risk

Tesla's production in Europe is at risk This was due to software certification issues.

Swedish authorities plan to ban the release of Tesla cars in the country according to with reference to AvtoDream.

The main reason for the ban is incomprehensible updating of their software as well as problems with autopilot. According to preliminary data, the ban may take about six months. Officials are convinced that all these violations may conflict with the security of the country's inhabitants.

Problems with the Tesla Autopilot system have been identified with the release of the 2015s. The head of the automotive company, on the contrary, stated that all the problems previously identified were immediately eliminated, so there are no grounds for a ban. In addition, managers have paid attention to RDW compliance as well as all updates released.

Emerging Issues Tesla's Tender Provider offered a redirection to RDW's employees who conducted the research and allowed to start car production.

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Despite these assumptions, the models have still been implemented in Sweden. In addition, amongst drivers, cars are very desirable.

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