the Android operating system is safer than ever before

Perhaps the most reliable way to protect your smartphone from malware, and by yourself – from personal data theft and financial savings – use a certified device using Google Play Protect. This is what Google representatives said in the Android security report for 2018. The built-in antivirus program not only warns against the danger of installing potentially dangerous applications but also alerts you if the device is previously infected.

"Device users [на Android], which download apps from the Google Play catalog only, are 9 times less exposed to the risk of collision with potentially malicious software than those used by third-party platforms. According to statistics, only 0.8% of devices using Google Play are infected with malicious software, "the report said.

Why not download software from Google Play?

In spite of Google's apparent demand for popularization of the company's application catalog, statistics show that since last year, the number of third-party-infected apps has fallen by 7%. Although it does not make a real breakthrough, it still shows positive dynamics in this area, suggesting either increased user confidence or a slowly but surely rising level of security for the operating system.

Last week, it was known that Google has expanded the scope of use of Google Play Protect Anti-Virus. It is now activated whenever a user tries to sign in to their Google Account. Anti-Virus scans the device for potentially malicious software, and if it detects one, disables the login name and password because it has previously entered the component or program to be removed immediately.


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