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UAZ tuning "Hunter" and "Niva" were compared on "wild" terrain: AvtoMedia: VladTime

The only four-wheeled off-road vehicle on the same track was able to cope with mud. Although at first they seemed to be all well prepared.

With the Ford Ranger, LADA 4×4 tuning and two UAZ "Hunter", they set out on a forest trip. One of them was almost in stock, but the second "UAZ" repeatedly participated in off-road vehicles competitions. Blogger from channel "Anton Take off!" He showed how these cars showed up on "wild" terrain.

The first "Hunter" could not cope with the overcoming of a deep ride, so the winch helper came to him. As noted by the blogger, somebody "left" protection in this dormitory before. At first the pickup showed better, but soon he sat in the mud. But Niva suffered the most, his clutch ceased to function.

Blogger emphasized that car owners overestimated the off-road capabilities of their cars. In his opinion, off-road enthusiasm has become a "budget race" where the SUV wins, gaining more refinement for order.

Pulling a stuck SUV went UAZ "Hunter" with a winch for which this task was not easy. Jeepers even bound "UAZ" to the tree so that it would not crawl forward in the mud. They also had to adjust the route a little, because even the driver of the most prepared car was afraid to go to some places.

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