Vera Savchenko denied that he was beaten in the vault at Khreshchatyk Hotel

Sister presidential candidate Nadezhda Savchenko Vera Savchenkova said what happened to her in the center of Kiev, and refused the version she was attacked, she was writing on social networks.

"14.Drake on Khreshchatyk Street, 6. In Khreshchatyk hotel arch three women defeated woman, woman is sister Nadezhda Savchenko, men are security guard, it's like it was a gun," writes the report.

"Today I was driving an electric car and the car was completely emptied. Klitschko is developing the electric vehicle movement and decided to stop fueling Kreschatik, but the three expensive Toyota who blocked access to the petrol station had to call the police, but those who to protect the rule of law, have done nothing, it's a return to the 1990s, "Savchenko said.

According to her, he had to solve the problem himself. "Consequently, I was persuaded to remove the photos, and we fled and left the gas station, perhaps the information about the attack came from the fact that I called the police, but I came out of the boring dude and convinced them to leave with a smile. story ", – said Vera Savchenko.

As noted on the side, it was found that the Savchenko-Ruban case would be considered a court in Slavyansk.

As we wrote, Nadezhda Savchenko was nominated as a presidential candidate.

We also told why the consensus of Savchenko-Ruban in the SBU was drastically changed.

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