£ 175 Fallout 76 Edition promised Fancy Bag, instead delivers nylon baskets

175 pounds Power Armor Edition Fallout 76 promising fans what looked like a very nice cloth bag. Which did not end up, as he pulled out a few switches between betting and Bethesda.

The top is a military-style bag, as promised (and because it's still advertised online).

And here is what was sent to the fans:

Image: Imgur

Oh dear.

Cost and production problems are happening all the time with collective releases, from broken things up to numbers that are not expected, as components are expected to disappear.

What causes problems – and many people are very unfortunate – is about two things. The first is that this game itself is not very good, which would complicate lots of folk disappointment.

Secondly, Bethesda's answer. Fans who complain about the switch receive the answers as follows:

Image: @LanternCupcake

So Bethesda knew she was changing her bag, saying nothing, offering nothing, releasing the game, and now, when fans complain that they do not get what was advertised and paid for, they get an e-mail that literally says, "I hope you do not stop it, to enjoy what we consider to be one of our best collectible releases. "

It is at the height of the fact that the Power Armor release of the game was delayed, to the extent Bethesda had to send codes for customers to play the game as they waited for their giant boxes to arrive.

This game is a mess.

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